Learn About the Different Verizon Android Phone Models and Get the Best Deal on a Verizon Android Phone

Learn About the Different Verizon Android Phone Models and Get the Best Deal on a Verizon Android Phone
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Introduction to Android Phones

Verizon and Android is a great combination and the carrier has been quick to offer a whole range of Android devices. The Android OS, amidst the hoopla, is really the heart of the phone, the operating system, much like Windows for the PC. However, cell phones in the modern day are judged by whether they can support loads of apps and games or not. Google Android is highly regarded worldwide for it’s compact design and interface, versatility and openness, and of course its many apps and games. There are multiple Verizon Android phone models: the LG Ally, Motorola Devour, Droid Incredible by HTC, Droid X by Motorola, Droid 2 by Motorola, and the Samsung Fascinate. Let’s take a closer look.

LG Ally

Rated 3.5 stars by over 1,300 reviewers, the LG Ally features a 3.2 inch glass touchscreen, making it easy to use the virtual keyboard. As with most Android phones, there is also a slider QWERTY keyboard. The phone also features a 3.2 megapixel camera to capture both pictures and video on the go. Users on the Verizon Wireless website have commended the integrated features, however, many have complained about the battery life and frequent freeze ups.

Motorola Devour

The sleek, silver-plated design on the Motorola Devour is enough to attract many consumers. The Devour also features the VZ Navigator, DVD quality videos, and integrated social networking. In other words, e-mail accounts and social networking accounts are fused into one easy-to-use interface.

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Droid Incredible by HTC

The Droid Incredible features an incredible 1 GHz Snapdragon processor and an 8 megapixel camera. One of the major advantages of this phone is the fully developed web browser, which allows users to play Flash videos–whereas most phones are restricted to YouTube videos. As with most Droid phones, the battery life is one of the few pitfalls of the phone.

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Droid X by Motorola


Following on from the original Motorola Droid, the Droid X one-ups the Incredible with a fully-equipped high definition video camera. The 4.3 inch Edge-to-Edge touchscreen display enhances the video experience for Droid X users.

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Droid 2 by Motorola


The Droid 2 features one of the largest built-in internal memory units with 8 GB. Along with a 3.7 inch touchscreen, the Droid 2 also showcases a 5 megapixel camera, with video capabilities, and a powerful HTML browser.

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Samsung Fascinate

The Samsung Fascinate is the cream of the crop as far as cell phone technology goes. The Fascinate features a 4.0 inch Super AMOLED display and a better than average battery life. Moreover, the Fascinate contains an integrated DivX player, allowing users to play almost any file or stream directly from the internet.

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While the full retail price of a Verizon Android phone ranges from $369 to $580, the Verizon Android phone models are significantly cheaper if purchased with a two-year contract agreement. The best deal from Verizon for an Android phone is for the Samsung Fascinate. Retailing at $580, the price is sliced to a mere $199.99 with a two-year agreement. In addition, there is a buy one, get one free offer for the Samsung Fascinate. Ultimately, all of these phones are powered by Android and they are all top-class phones.