Motorola Droid X Plans: The Droid X Motorola Verizon Wireless Partnership

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The Motorola Droid X is Verizon’s latest smartphone offer and it’s competition to Apple and AT&T’s iPhone 4. It has many of the same features and in some cases is superior (depending on which side you agree with). For example the 8 megapixel camera versus the 5 megapixel camera of the iPhone 4. Another example would be the iPhone 4’s connectivity compared to the added ability of the Droid X to act as a Wi-Fi hotspot. Verizon Wireless has a variety of phone plans including individual and family voice and text plans. However as the owner of a 3G smartphone you are also required to be on a data plan that costs at least $30 per month to enable you use all the web and messaging functions of the phone. Here are some of the individual voice plans you can choose from in addition to the data plan.

Individual Voice Only Plans

Verizon offers three individual voice plans also known as talk plans that can serve as Motorola Droid X plans.

  • 450 Minutes Plan: The 450 minutes talk plan comes with 450 anytime nationwide minutes and costs $40 for monthly access. Additional minutes over your allocation cost 45 cents per minute.
  • 900 Minutes Plan: This plan comes with 900 anytime nationwide minutes per month at $60 per month with the cost of additional minutes over your monthly allocation being 40 cents per minute. You are also allowed five family and friend numbers, landline or mobile, to which you can make unlimited calls day or night.
  • Unlimited Plan: The unlimited plan comes with unlimited talk time to all numbers in the United States. It costs $70 per month.

Individual Voice and Text Plans

Verizon’s individual talk and text plans are very similar to the talk plans and have the same talk features and rules but come with special messaging features and rules. These include unlimited sending and receiving of text, picture and video messaging with mobile phones in the U.S., unlimited text, picture, video and voice messages sent by email, instant messages and unlimited sending and receiving of text messages with customers of participating carriers in Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico. Other international text messages each cost 25 cents to send and 20 cents to receive while each international picture and video message costs 50 cents to send and 25 cents to receive. There are three individual talk and text plans just like the talk-only plans. They are the 450-, 900- and unlimited-minutes plans and they each cost $60, $80 and $90 respectively.

Other Plans

There are some other plans from Verizon Wireless which are not so common but you may be interested in using with your Motorola Droid X.

  • Unlimited Messaging Only Plans: These plans do not come with voice calling and a voice per minute rate is charged if you ever use the voice function of your phone. The unlimited messaging only plan that is suitable for the Motorola Droid X and other smartphones costs $55 per month and includes unlimited messaging, web browsing, data usage and personal email. The voice per minute rate is 25 cents. This plan also serves as your $30 or higher data plan required for all smartphones.
  • International Plans: There are quite a number of international services, both for use while traveling internationally or for communicating with people internationally while in the U.S. Check the international services section of Verizon Wireless if you are interested in any of these plans.
  • Family Plans: There are also a number of Verizon Wireless family plans to choose from. These plans include talk minutes to be shared between a minimum of two and a maximum of five people.