Current Selection of Sprint HTC Phones

Current Selection of Sprint HTC Phones
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HTC has become a big name in mobile devices. Founded in 1997 in Taiwan, the company has quickly grown, offering several different types of phones, as well as being at the forefront for many different mobile innovations.

HTC first began to showcase their phones based on the Windows Mobile plaform, before moving to take advantage of the growing popularity of Android. They are currently offering phones that are based on the new Windows Phone 7 OS as well. While each of the major United States carriers offer HTC phones, we’ll take a look at the offerings from Sprint.

HTC & Sprint

Currently Sprint has four HTC manufactured devices - the EVO Shift, the original EVO, the Arrive, and the Touch Pro 2.


The EVO Shift is the second generation phone to predecessor, the HTC EVO. The Shift offers a 3.6 inch touchscreen, an MP3 player, both 3G and 4G speeds, the new Mobile Hotspot, and comes preloaded with the mobile verison of Amazon’s Kindle. Featuring Android 2.2, the difference between this version and the original EVO is the addition of a slide out QWERTY keyboard.

Unfortunately, due to its popularity, the Shift is currently out of stock, but speaking with your local Sprint dealer can inform you when the next shipment of the phone will come in. The HTC EVO Shift is $399.99, but signing up for a 2 year contract will bring the phone down to $149.99. View more information on the EVO Shift at Sprint’s official website.


HTC On Parade - Phone Offerings From Sprint

The first 4G phone offered by Sprint, the HTC EVO was an instant hit and sensation when it first launched in the summer of 2010. Featuring a 4.3 touch screen with HTC sense UI, an HDMI slot to connect to camcorders and TVs, and Android 2.2, the phone also includes a kickstand so that movie and video watching is easy and comfortable.

The HTC EVO is currently $449.99, but if you sign up for a 2 year contract, the phone will then be $149.99. To view more information about the EVO, visit the Sprint official website.

HTC Arrive

HTC On Parade - Phone Offerings From Sprint

The current Windows Phone 7 device being offered by Sprint is the HTC Arrive. Featuring the live title screen that enables all the common aspects of the new mobile OS, the Arrive uses the Microsoft Zune player for its entertainment interface, while keeping texting and social messaging fans in the know with on screen updates and a slide out QWERTY keyboard.

Currently, the Arrive is $449.99, though as with the other phones, a two year contract will bring the phone down to a price of $199.99. To view more information about the Arrive, check the official website from Sprint.

HTC Touch Pro 2

HTC On Parade - Phone Offerings From Sprint

The upgrade to the original Touch Pro, the HTC Touch Pro 2 offers some great features for smartphone addicts. Featuring Straight Talk noise cancelling technology, the phone also has a 3.6 inch touch screen, 3G capabilities, and a slide out QWERTY keyboard, which can not only slide out, but tilt for an even more convenient way to text and reply to e-mail.

The Touch Pro 2 is currently being offered for $449.99, but again with a two year contract, interested buyers can receive the phone for $199.99. For more information on the phone, view the official Sprint website.

Sprint HTC Phones

While these may seem a small offering from one of the biggest US cell carriers, HTC is constantly thinking up new ideas and releasing new types of phones and even tablets. For the current selection, these HTC phones from Sprint offer many features and capabilities, as well as benefitting from a carrier that provides great coverage and service.