Best Canadian Cell Phone Plans: Best Options for Your Situation

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Fido (4 out of 5)

For casual cell phone users that are seeking an affordable and commitment-free solution, Fido Solutions offers one of the best Canadian cell phone plans. The individual plan is available for a convenient postpaid monthly rate and features a relaxed month-to-month contract, and grants customers nationwide calling. For text messaging within Canada, 50 messages are included; additional messages cost a small fee. For messaging abroad, an extra fee is also added on, per message. Picture and video messages are slightly pricier. A couple of strong points of the Fido plan are call waiting and conference calling, both of which require no extra fees. Also, an activation fee is not required for new customers.

Rogers Family Voice (5 out of 5)

One convenient Canadian cell phone plan for families is the Rogers Family Voice plan, which is offered by the Toronto, Ontario-based wireless telecommunications company. The Rogers Family Voice plan is a postpaid choice that consists of five separate lines, all of which can be used by individual family members. Extra lines are available for an additional monthly fee, which is beneficial for especially large households. Other features that are available for an added fee are visual and enhanced voicemail, detailed billing, roadside assistance, GPS navigation, mobile television, radio and mobile backup. The nationwide plan provides 150 anytime minutes, with weekend and evening unlimited minutes, as well. Other notable free components of the phone plan include call waiting, missed call and “who called” alerts, family-friendly parental controls, conference calling and paper billing statements.

Telus Student 40 Plan (4 out of 5)

Another one of the best Canadian cell phone plans is geared towards youth and is known by the name of “Student 40 plan”. The Student 40 plan is offered by Telus, which is a telecommunications company that operates out of Burnaby in British Columbia. The Student 40 plan is a prepaid pay as you go cell phone option that consists of one phone line. The two or three-year contract provides a variety of student-friendly features, such as unlimited texting and phone calls within Canada, unlimited weekend and evening phone calls (locally), conference calls, call waiting, basic voicemail and caller ID. An additional feature of the plan is complimentary local phone calls for birthdays.

Virgin Mobile Canada Super Social Plan (5 out of 5)

For social butterflies with vast contact books of hundreds of names, the Virgin Mobile Canada Super Social plan is one of the best Canadian cell phone plans. Virgin Mobile Canada is a cell phone company that is affiliated with the Montreal, Quebec-headquartered telecommunications giant, Bell Canada. The inexpensive postpaid cell phone plan offers a variety of different contract options, including monthly contracts and contracts for two or three years at a time. The one-line plan consists of 300 “anytime” talking minutes, with extra fees for any additional minutes used. Unlimited weekend minutes are available from Friday to Monday. Some of the Super Social plan’s most noteworthy features are conference calling, unlimited call forwarding and 100 percent unlimited picture and text messages.


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