Guide to Nextel Cell Phone and Smartphone Plans

Guide to Nextel Cell Phone and Smartphone Plans
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In 2003, major phone carrier Nextel was merged into competitor Sprint, taking many of their phones, plans, and consumers with it. Nextel was the first cell phone company that offered the iDEN technology from Motorola in their phones, along with a push-to-talk mobile communication system. The company was one of the first to market push-to-talk communication (commonly known as DirectConnect), as well as the first company that offered unlimited calling plans, something that is now widely regarded as essential for customers of any carrier.

Nextel was also instrumental in being the first cell provider that offered and provided GPS features, another standard in most of today’s cell phones. For users of Nextel, the phasing out of some of the technology may make you think that there are now no longer any Nextel cell phone plans; however, Nextel still has some phones to look at, along with the contracts from Sprint.

Nextel Cell Phone Plans

There are several different Nextel cell phones that are currently being offered by Nextel and Motorola on the Sprint network. While the phones are Nextel and Motorola based, the plans are a part of the Sprint network and customers will have to sign up for Sprint in order to activate and use these phones.

Motorola i1

The first ever DirectConnect Android and touch phone, the Motorola i1 is featured as a Sprint exclusive. For Nextel fans, this smartphone

comes with the Nextel DirectConnect features, including the Group Connect, allowing for in field communications between you and your co-workers.

The current price for the Motorola i1 is $149.99 after the initial savings and a $50 rebate. This is by far the most expensive Nextel phone offered by Sprint, however, if you’re looking for a cheaper phone, the Motorola i335 is only $39.99 with the same conditions.

Nextel Plans at Sprint

As mentioned, while you can still purchase Nextel cell phones from Sprint, you will need to sign up for their network’s services and contracts. Sprint has several different plans that you can get with your phone, but for DirectConnect users, Sprint does have two plans that they consider to be the best.

These are of course recommendations by Sprint and can be changed at any time.

Simply Everything

The Simply Everything plans work for both individual and business use and is, simply everything. There are three tiers to this plan, but Sprint feels the best value is offered by the unlimited tier. Both minutes and data on the plan are unlimited; talk when you want, to who you want, e-mail to your heart’s content, and download as many songs, wallpapers, and apps as you want.

This plan is $99.99 per month, along with the new $10 per month extra data services charge.

Simply Everything - Family

Essentially the same as the above Simply Everything plan, this one is for the family. Family run businesses may find this to be a great plan, where a small business can still utilize the plan as well. The same features apply, with unlimited talk, text, messaging, e-mail, and data.

For one to two lines, the price is $189.98, the addition of 3 to 5 extra lines will be an extra $89.99


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