Motorola Droid Camera Tips: Disabling the Motorola Droid Shutter Sound and More

Motorola Droid Camera Tips: Disabling the Motorola Droid Shutter Sound and More
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Quick tips for the Motorola Droid Camera Use

Want to zoom in on a scene before you take the shot? Don’t fumble for the the zoom button just double tap on the screen to zoom and double tap again to zoom out. Remember good photography is all about capturing the decisive moment.

The Droid camera application allows a macro focus mode, an infinity focus and an auto focus mode. The default is probably the auto mode which will get you decent shots but not great ones. Switch to infinity focus mode, combined with the size of the lens and sensor it will help you get the best images. Of course this is just the case for normal photos when you’re trying for a closeup or macro shot, go with the macro mode.

This camera tip may sound silly, but sometimes the simplest tip may make the most profound difference. Clean the lens!! On a mobile phone it’s very easy to pick up grime and dirt on the lens which will definitely make your images look bad.

More Droid Camera tricks!


Remember to trade resolution for file size! Yes the 5 megapixel camera can make some honkingly huge images, but if you are just looking for a quick post on Twitter or Facebook to share an event or a moment go with a lower resolution image. Lower resolution images are smaller in size and can easily and quickly be uploaded and shared via Twitter and Facebook.

Today’s digital SLRs are fabulous machines and can take wonderful images in low light conditions. Sadly though, the phone cameras are not yet there. You have to take into consideration the available light in a scene before you shoot. Shooting in low light situations will bring out noise and color inconsistencies in an image. Go B&W or sepia for low light shots to get arty and mysterious looking contrasty shots. You can now use the low light situation for a contrasty classic image.

Using presets like the Sunset and Nightmode can enhance some of your low light shots at the price of clarity and noise. Try the previous tip for a better image, however if you do want a color image then the Sunset or Nightmode can come in handy in tough situations.

camera presets

Good photographs are all about the feelings that they elicit from the viewer. Adjusting white balance on images can add a very nice mood to an image. Go with Cloudy or Daylight presets for a warm looking image, incandescent and fluorescent white balance comes in handy when shooting indoors. A properly selected white balance will bring out the colors and mood in an image.

Motorola Droid Shutter Sound & Camera apps

Most users of the Motorola Droid camera feel that the shutter sound is too loud or just plain irritating. By law camera phone manufacturers are required to include an audible signal to denote a photo being taken for privacy reasons. The Motorola Droid has no direct control to switch off the camera shutter sound but using a third party application will do the job. There are several camera apps available on the Android store like Silentsnap and Camera ZOOM FX which will allow you to take pictures without your Motorola Droid shutter sound. Some users have solved this problem by switching the phone to “silent” mode but that’s really not a comfortable solution.

Photos taken in natural light are always more appealing than images with a bright camera flash! That’s right, try switching off the camera flash and taking images with decent available light - try using standard lamps or similar light to make your pictures come to life.


Nobody wants to see a blurry image, unless you’re going for an arty shot. Watch for the camera shake indicator (a red light), stabilize you hands before you press the shutter button. A good way to get sharp shots is to have a support for your arms or the phone so the camera is stabilized.

In photography composition is everything, a particular scene can be composed in more than one way. Play around with orientation of the image by holding your phone in landscape and portrait mode to get more compelling images. I suggest you take a look at basic photography composition tips which will help you out with just about any camera and some special tips for shooting with a camera phone.