Motorola Q Manual - How to Use the Motorola Q Sync Software

Motorola Q Manual - How to Use the Motorola Q Sync Software
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Dialing, Answering, Placing Calls on Hold, and Voicemail

After purchasing the Motorola Q, try out the basic features of the phone. To turn the phone on, press and hold the Power/End key until the screen brightens. To turn the phone off, press and hold the Power/End key for three seconds or until the screen goes black. Once the phone is on, try to make a call. Using the keypad, dial a number. The digits should appear on the home screen of the phone. After dialing, press the Call/Answer key to place the call.

There are several options when a call comes in. Either press the Call/Answer key to answer the phone or press the Accept Left Soft Key to answer. If you can’t answer the call currently, press the Ignore button. This will send the call to voicemail. After answering a call, if you would like to place the call on hold, press the Call/Answer key. To return back to the call, press the Call/Answer key again.

If you receive a second call during the current call, you can choose Answer or Wait. If you answer the second call, the first call is placed on hold. To direct the second call to voicemail, select Wait.

Voicemail messages are stored on the phone’s network. A voicemail icon will display on the home screen when you receive a voicemail. To hear the voicemail, do one of the following three things listed in the Motorola Q manual: press and hold the 1 key; dial *86; or select Voicemail from the home screen and press the Center Select Key.

Synchronize the Motorola Q

There are two ways to sync data with the Motorola Q: over the air or directly with a cable and computer. To sync over the air, the phone must be synced directly with the Microsoft Information Server or the Microsoft Exchange Server 2003.

The Motorola Q sync software required to sync the phone with a computer is called Microsoft ActiveSync. It should be installed on the computer before syncing. It is designed to compare the computer’s contacts, calendar events, e-mail messages, and media files to those on the phone. The software will update the phone with the newest files.

Connect the phone to the computer. After the phone drivers are automatically installed, the sync wizard opens. Follow the on-screen directions to finish the setup.

You can sync the phone to the computer through a USB cable or a Bluetooth wireless connection. To sync via a Bluetooth connection, the computer must have Bluetooth connectivity. Follow these steps to use the Motorola sync software with Bluetooth:

  • Press Start, then select Bluetooth, followed by Bluetooth Manager, open Settings, and change the Status to Bluetooth ON.
  • Return back to the home screen, press Start and select ActiveSync.
  • Select Menu and choose Connect via Bluetooth.
  • A Bluetooth wizard may open during the first Bluetooth sync. Complete the on-screen instructions.
  • Select Sync. After it is complete, open Menu and select Disconnect Bluetooth.

Tips and Tricks

  • Conserve battery power by shortening the length of time the backlight and display remain on. To do this, press Start, select Settings, choose Power Management, and view Backlight Timeout On Battery and Blacklight Timeout On AC. For the display, choose Display Time Out under Power Management.
  • To change the ringtone, press Start, select Settings, and open Sounds. Find the sound to change and use the Navigation Key right or left to change the sound. Then press Done to save the sound.
  • To move a saved music file to the Sounds folder, press Start, select File Manager, and open My Documents. Highlight the file to move, and then press Menu, select File, and choose Copy To. Copy the file to Sounds under Application Data.
  • Adjust the volume quickly by pressing and holding the thumbwheel.


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