BoxWave Keyboard Buddy Case Review for iPhone 4

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First Impressions

Keyboard Buddy Case

The first thing which comes to mind about the appearance of the BoxWave Keyboard Buddy Case, available now for $69.95, is its sleek, clean design complete with cut outs for everything including camera and volume adjuster. The look fits in perfectly with the iPhone and the contrast between the glossy backdrop and matt buttons is a handsome design. From those, like me, who were torn between BlackBerry and iPhone, this gives you the iPhone with the functionality of the BlackBerry.

One concern of mine was that the slim, lightweight version of the iPhone would become bulky, but for its function there is not much in it.

Getting Started

BoxWave Keyboard Buddy

A USB device is included for charging the BoxWave Keyboard Buddy Case along with a pin hole key, used to initiate your first Bluetooth pairing located close to the USB connector port. Once paired simply slide down when needed.

One great feature worth noting is the battery life of the keyboard, as it is Bluetooth it will not affect your iPhone battery, but BoxWave claim that it will run up to 45 days once fully charged. Obviously this will be dependent on individual usage.

As the BoxWave Keyboard Buddy Case also acts as a protector, one thing to remember is that the face of the iPhone will be vulnerable to scratches so it is well worth investing in a screen protector if you haven’t already.


Your iPhone clicks into the holder securely and the keyboard itself uses Bluetooth which you’ll need to ensure is enabled before use and the case acts as a protective backing for your iPhone 4 that also includes the integrated slide down Bluetooth keyboard.

The smooth application of the slide down QWERTY keyboard, compatible with the 2.0 version of Bluetooth, allows you to seamlessly move between the touchscreen and physical keyboard, with the option to switch on/off to save battery life. The keyboard itself is the same tactile feel as the touchscreen, with the addition of functionality keys similar to MAC keyboards.


BoxWave Keyboard Buddy

There aren’t really any valid negative points to note about the BoxWave Keyboard Buddy Case, of course you’ll hear people complain about bulkiness, which is not an issue if you want the functionality of a physical keyboard, and after all, this version is the most innovative design we’ve seen in a long time.

The only change I would personally make is to have it backlit, and this is a minor gripe from a perfectionist. But it’s not often I’d be texting in the dark so I can hardly grumble!

Overall the clever design, the ease of use and the overall feel make the Keyboard Buddy Case the best product to come out of BoxWave in a very long time and this product will fly off the shelves.