Top Five Samsung Intercept Cases

Top Five Samsung Intercept Cases
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Introduction to the Top Five Samsung Intercept Cases

When you first get your new Samsung Intercept device, keeping it clean and protecting it from damage may not be your first priority, but if you don’t add some protection, your Intercept will look destroyed in no time. Samsung Intercept cases come in a wide variety of types, styles, materials, colors and designs, so choosing one can be a little overwhelming. To make it easier, I have created a list of the five best Samsung Intercept cases, plus an additional one that may just be too stylish to pass up. Each individual person may look for different things in a phone case, but there is sure to be something on this list for you.

Honorable Mention: Rhinestones Protector Case - Cross Bones Full Diamond

No Internet best-of list would be complete without a mention of either ninjas or pirates, so this list takes care of the quota with an honorable mention of the Rhinestones Protector Case. Like all Samsung Intercept cases this one will protect your phone from dings and scratches, but its skull and crossbones design helps add that second layer of protection as would-be thieves might think twice before stealing from someone who brandishes such frightful design. Of course, the design is in rhinestones, and the skull’s eyepatch is hot pink, but still it’s a protective case with a skull and crossbones design. How could that ever be wrong?

Purchase the Cross Bones Case here.

5. Samsung Intercept Zebra Cover

Zebra Cover

Don’t overlook this particular Samsung Intercept case just because you don’t like the zebra pattern as it comes in a wide variety of colors. This hard plastic case comes in two pieces that snap around the outside of your Samsung Intercept, so that it protects your phone without interfering with the sliding motion. The case is also custom fit to the Intercept, so you have cutouts around the outside of the case where the phone’s buttons and ports are, and on the back for your camera and speaker. This hard plastic case comes in over a dozen colors ranging from clear to plaid to zebra designs.

Purchase the Samsung Intercept Zebra Cover here.

4. Premium Crystal Rubberized Hard Snap-On Case

Rubberized Case

This is the third hard case on this list of the best Samsung Intercept cases, but it sets itself apart with a rubber texture. The case itself snaps onto the Intercept in a manner that doesn’t prevent the motion of the slider. The case is fitted for the Intercept, so there are openings for all of the phone’s buttons and connectors. The best feature is the slightly rubber feel to the case, which helps keep the Intercept in your hand, instead of flying across the room.

Purchase the Rubberized Hard Snap-On Case here.

3. Quilted Plaid Universal Pouch

Quilted Plaid Pouch

This list of the best Samsung Intercept cases isn’t confined to just cases that were designed specifically for the Intercept. The Sprint Quilted Plaid Universal Pouch will fit most medium to large devices, and the Samsung Intercept fits perfectly inside the case. The outside of the pouch features black leather that’s sewn into a stylish quilted pattern. Once you open the magnetic flap, the inside of the case has a colorful plaid lining. This pouch provides complete protection for your Samsung Intercept, while keeping you looking stylish at the same time.

Purchase the Quilted Plaid Pouch here.

2. Crystal Hard Clear Faceplate Cover

Intercept Clear

This Samsung Intercept cover shines not only for what it is, but for what it is not. This rigid plastic case protects the outside of your Intercept from dings and scratches while giving you access to all of the buttons and ports on the device. The case itself weighs a mere 1.4 ounces and can easily be installed by just snapping it on. The case is made from clear plastic, allowing you to enjoy the natural aesthetics that drew you to the Intercept in the first place.

Purchase the Premium Hard Crystal Snap-On Case here.

1. Body Glove Leather Horizontal Pouch

Body Glove Leather Pouch

There is no beating a well-made pouch for carrying your phone around, and it is this combination of quality and style that takes the Body Glove Horizontal Pouch to the top of this list of Samsung Intercept cases. The pouch features high-quality leather that is sewn together with white stitches. The Body Glove Pouch has a magnetic clasp, thin rotating belt clip and openings on the side of the case so you have some access to ports and buttons. This particular pouch is aligned horizontally, so you can sit down without having to remove or adjust the pouch. The pouch is available in either brown or black leather.

Purchase the Body Glove Leather Horizontal Pouch here.