Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Cases Round Up

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Cases Round Up
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Otterbox Commuter Case

How can you go wrong with an Otterbox case? If you want optimum protection for your mobile phone, Otterbox has to be the most solid option. For the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10, Otterbox offers a solid hybrid case incorporating a hard shell and a soft silicone skin into one durable case. This case provides optimum protection against scratches, shock and impact for your Xperia X10. What you’ll really appreciate about this case is the fact that it has three slender, yet sturdy layers of protection and yet is still designed with style in mind. It also comes with a self-adhering screen protector. A silicone skin wraps over the back and sides of your Xperia X10 giving your phone ample protection from bumps and shock, and a custom molded hard polycarbonate shell around the front edges as well as a silicone back that provides a smooth protective outer layer. This makes it easy for you to slide the phone into your pocket or purse. The case also gives you quick access to all your phone’s ports and buttons and even comes with plugs to cover them when not in use. (Price: $25.99)

Capdase Soft Jacket 2 Xpose

Capdase Soft Jacket 2 Xpose Xperia X10 RD

This case was made to perfectly fit your smartphone. It is made of strong, durable material that protects your phone from bumps and also gives it a non-slip coating. Two things you’ll like about this case are that it has all the necessary cutouts to give you access to your phone’s ports and buttons and it is slim enough not to add extra bulk to your phone. The case is made from touch gel material that ensures the case is flexible like a silicone case but as tough as a crystal case. The case is scuff, dust and fingerprint resistant. The package comes with the usual Capdase screen protector. (Price: $23.38)

Alu Leather Case


This case was made from the finest quality leather material which not only protects the screen of your smartphone but also gives a tough aluminum plate lining. All the necessary cutouts to give you access to your Xperia X10’s ports and buttons are also present. The case has a stylish, high quality faux leather interior and beautiful black and cream pinstripe lining. To hold your phone while inside the case, a magnetic clasp is provided. (Price: $24.00)

ToughGuard Shell


Want the ultimate protection for your Sony Ericsson Xperia X10? Check out this very tough case. It’s a very tight and secure case for your smartphone and has all the necessary cutouts to give you access to the essential functionality of your device. It lets you use your phone’s camera without needing to remove the phone from the case. The case’s shell was made from tough polycarbonate material that also provides a stunning look and feel while at the same time providing protection from accidental bumps and scratches. (Price: $17.00)

Capdase Polimor Bold Case


The last case in our top five Sony Ericsson Xperia x10 cases list is from Capdase. This case is ultra slim and features an open-fronted design for easy access to your phone’s menus. The case combines a soft jacket interior and tough Polimor exterior for protecting your phone from scuffs, dust and dents. The case also has a bank card holder on the back. The case also clips easily to the back of your phone and has all the necessary cutouts for your phone’s ports and other buttons. (Price: $21.00)