Top Five T-Mobile G2 Cases

Top Five T-Mobile G2 Cases
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Amzer Silicone Skin Jelly Case

Made of 100% premium silicone, this case provides you with a great, lightweight option for covering and protecting your T-Mobile G2 phone. It’s anti-dust, scratch-free and protects your phone from accidental bumps and knocks. This is achieved without compromising your phone’s functionality. Hence, you’ll get full access to all its ports and functions without the need to remove the case from your phone. The case also provides a firm grip and prevents your device from sliding across your car dashboard and other angled surfaces. (Price: $10.54)

BoxWave Diamond Crystal Slip

BoxWave T-Mobile G2 Diamond Crystal Slip

Three words that describe this case - stylish, unique and functional. The case is an ultra low profile, rubberized case which easily slips into your pocket and gives you a good grip of your phone. It was created with anti-slip and cushioned material and provides protection for your phone from accidental bumps and scratches. The case comes in fuschie, crystal clear, smoke grey, and tangerine orange colors. What’s good about this case is that it does not add bulk to your phone and there’s a diamond pattern on the back of the case. (Price: $19.95)

Armor Case

T-Mobile G2 Armor Case

This form-fitting case was designed to perfectly fit your T-Mobile G2. The case was made of anodized aluminum and features a strong and yet lightweight finish. Its interior is padded with a thin layer of foam that can hold your device securely in place. It also has a secure side closure design and has all the necessary cut outs for your phone’s functions and buttons. What’s good about this case is that it keeps that same tactile feel as the body of your T-Mobile G2. (Price: $27.95)

Designio Leather Sleeve

T-Mobile G2 Designio Leather Sleeve

This T-Mobile G2 case was hand-crafted from fine, premium grade leather. Its slim form factor is tailor fit for your phone. It also has all the perfect cut outs to give you full access to your phone’s screen. This durable leather case neatly stores your T-Mobile G2 and then provides optimum protection for your phone. A secure button snap closure has been added to give you an assurance that your phone will not get accidentally bumped out of the leather case. (Price: $29.95)

Amzer Simple Click On Case with Screen Protector

Amzer Simple Click On Case with Screen Protector

This simple case offers good impact resistance despite its thin profile design. It covers the back and sides of your T-Mobile G2 and has the necessary cutouts for access to your phone’s important functions, buttons and ports. What this case does best is to provide your phone with colorful style and flair. It doesn’t cover the screen of your phone so you’ll have full access to it. The case is made of flexible plastic and protects every corner and the back of your phone. (Price: $12.95)

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