Top Motorola Bluetooth Wireless Headsets

Top Motorola Bluetooth Wireless Headsets
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For as long as there has been commercial wireless technology, Motorola has been one of the most reliable manufacturers of wireless devices. The company may be best known for their mobile phones, but Motorola also produces a large selection of Bluetooth wireless headsets. Motorola continues to push Bluetooth technology further as it introduces technology like CrystalTalk, advanced multipoint and MotoSpeak, which help make their headsets some of the best available today. With so many Motorola Bluetooth wireless headsets out there you may find it difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff, but this article will give you five of the very best headsets that Motorola has to offer to make your decision a little easier.

Honorable Mention: H720

While time has passed the H720 by, along with its look-alike predecessor the H700, I’d be remiss if I didn’t at least mention the headset in this list. The H720 doesn’t have many of the features that are available in more modern headsets, but it does connect to any Bluetooth-enabled phone and provides crystal-clear sound quality while you are within range. The H720 was one of the first headsets I ever got to use and my experience was a great one.

7: Endeavor HX1


Until the Finiti hits the shelves, the Endeavor HX1 is still the go to headset when you need to block out excess background noise from your conversation. The HX1 includes a stealth mode, based on the same technology used by special forces, which will translate the vibrations from your head into speech. When you don’t quite need the sophistication of stealth mode, CrystalTalk noise-reduction technology works perfectly most of the time. The HX1 can also connect to two different devices at the same time using Multipoint technology. The HX1 offers you up to seven hours of talk time on a full charge.

6: H790


The form factor of the H790 catapults it onto this list of the best Motorola Bluetooth wireless headsets. While the headset is fairly normal as far as length and width go, it is only 0.28 inches thick and weighs only 0.34 ounces. Since the headset also lets you choose between a looped earbud and a normal earbud that you can use with the hook around your ear, with a little fine tuning you can fit the device perfectly to your ear and not even know it is there. The H790 supports an advance version of multipoint so that it can be paired to two devices at once and even manage call-waiting between the devices. On a full charge the H790 can give you up to five hours of talk time.



In a Bluetooth field dominated by small, in-the-ear headsets the Oasis separates itself by being a quality around-the-ear headset. Even though the headset may look bulky, it only weighs in at 0.5 ounces and feels just like a hook on any other headset while behind your ear. The Oasis has two microphones on an extended boom to help reduce background noise, and a number of buttons including two dedicated volume buttons and a dedicated mute button. Like most modern Motorola headsets, the Oasis comes with advanced multipoint technology and an EasyPair setup technology. On a full charge, the Oasis headset should last about six hours.

4: CommandOne


The CommandOne is part of Motorola’s Elite Series of headsets. The headset features a sleek, plastic design that will fit comfortably in your ear. Like many modern Motorola headsets, the CommandOne comes with Easy Pair technology, making it much easier to pair the headset. You can even connect the CommandOne to multiple devices using the advanced multipoint technology. Even with all of that, the biggest selling point for the CommandOne is the Motospeak Application, which will read your text messages for you and will let you dictate a reply.

3: HK200


While some Motorola headsets may focus on having a breadth of features, the HK200 shows that sometimes the simplest way is the best way. The headset has a simple, rectangular design with one large earloop to keep it in place. The headset features Easy Pair technology, making connecting it to your wireless device a breeze. The headset also has some simple voice prompts, so you don’t have to memorize a manual to learn all the commands. The headset gets a massive 10 hours of talk time. Motorola offers all of this for under $30. When you factor in the price, it’s tough to beat this headset.

2: H17txt


The H17txt takes its place on the list for packing a ton of features into one of the smallest, thinnest and lightest Bluetooth headsets on the market. The H17txt is also the first Motorola Bluetooth wireless headset to use the MotoSpeak application, which will read your text messages aloud to you so that you can keep your focus on something else, like driving. The headset reduces background noise using Crystaltalk technology and can connect to multiple devices using advanced multipoint technology. The headset also supports A2DP 1.2 streaming so that you can listen to sound files from your device. On a full charge, the battery on the H17txt will last around 5 hours.

1: MOTOROKR S10-HD Headphones


The S10-HD picks up where its predecessor, the S9-HD, left off. This powerful, clear headset is designed to fit around your neck so that you can do whatever you want while listening to music. The two earbuds combine to provide some truly amazing stereo surround sound, but the lightweight design makes you wonder if they are even there. The headset is water-resistant, meaning you might be ok in a light rain, but not in a downpour, and sweat proof, so you don’t have to worry about destroying the headset while you work out. The S10-HD works perfectly for those of us who like to use these headsets to privately listen to music as we go about our day and on a full charge, the battery can last as long as eight hours. This is truly one of the best headsets on the market.