Top Ten iPhone 4S Accessories: Large Images & Reviews Included

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Apple TV

Although your iPhone 4S might not look any different on the outside from the iPhone 4 it does come with plenty more capabilities. Your iPhone 4S comes with the ability to mirror your screen on an HDTV using the airplay mirror feature. So you can use your iPhone to sync up with your TV using airplay and the relatively decently priced little Apple TV box. Obviously this is great for streaming movies etc, but the possibilities don’t stop there. Show off how amazing your phone is to your friends by getting that cool new app on the TV screen or show off your gaming skills.

Incipio offGrid Backup Battery Case

Of course there are many great iPhone 4S cases to choose from, but why not opt for a dual-purpose option in the form of this battery case? iPhone owners play more games on their devices than any other smartphone users, so it stands to reason that you use a lot of battery juice. This backup battery case could be just what you’re looking for. I picked this one particularly as it genuinely doesn’t add a great deal of bulk to the phone at all – I’ve picked the white option so you can see more clearly how big the case is compared to the phone. All it takes is a flick of the button to activate the backup battery and the LEDs across the bottom keep you aware of how much power is left. The case offers great protection too.

Audyssey South of Market Audio Dock

This accessory for your iPhone 4S is a bit of an investment at around 300 dollars, but if you play a lot of music using your phone or your iPod then you may well find that investment a worthwhile one. It makes full use of the iPhone 4S’ superb Bluetooth connection which means that your battery won’t get drained quickly at all and everything is wirelessly streamed. Yep, you don’t even have to leave your iPhone in the dock for the music to carry on playing. Although it’s small, meaning it won’t take up much room wherever you put it, it’s big on sound. You can also use it to make phone calls making use of the built-in mics.

WiFi Body Scale

As a person who appreciates good design in their gadgets, why not add some style to your bathroom with these sophisticated WiFi scales? Slim and sleek, not only do they look great they send all the relevant details to your iPhone so you can check on your progress wherever you are. There is an app you can get for it to store all your weight details, show it in a graph and include other relevant information such as BMI. The look of these scales is a really great match with the iPhone. Really simple to use too.

Bolle iPhone Photo Printer

With the fabulous new 8 MP camera on the iPhone 4S you’ll be snapping away and creating some awesome pics. This clever and compact little accessory makes getting those photos printed simply child’s play. Get the app, dock your iPhone and get printing – it’s as easy as that. Your prints will come out in 4 inch by 6 inch format, and when your phone is in the printer dock it will also be getting charged too. One feature I particularly like is that you can create and select different partitions to get more than one image printed on one page.

Jabra Cruiser Bluetooth Car Kit

Make sure Siri can hear every one of your demands even when you’re driving, with this Jabra Cruiser Bluetooth set. The style matches that of the iPhone 4S so it’s a natural choice and with Siri being the killer app you want to make use of that personal assistant whenever you can – maybe she can even help you out of that traffic jam. The Cruiser also has its own voice capabilities to tell you when the battery is running low and the name of an incoming caller etc., and can also be used to play music from your iPhone in your car too.

Ultra Thin Sliding Keyboard Case

Touch-screen typing isn’t for everybody, but that needn’t mean you missing out on the iPhone 4S fun. If you prefer a physical QWERTY then look no further than this ultra-thin keyboard case. The case is simple to fit, will protect your phone, and then the neat little keyboard can slide out from underneath for your typing pleasure. It uses the iPhone’s Bluetooth connection so won’t impact on your battery life. The keyboard itself will need charging before you can use it, but you can easily turn it off to save power should you want to.

BlueAnt Bluetooth Headset

We’ve already mentioned the importance of keeping Siri up to date with your demands wherever you are, and this beautiful little headset will make sure that you can walk, run, dance, whatever you want to, as well as talk at the same time. I’ve made sure to pick a stylish but unobtrusive option to twin with your iPhone 4S – your accessories should be as stylish as your phone right? This headset also offers powerful wind-resistance technology so nothing should interfere with the signal. Although the noise reduction technology is impressive, that’s not all this device has to recommend it, as it has text-to-speech capabilities too.

Griffin Beacon Remote Control System for iPhone 4S

You are always losing your TV remote, your iPhone 4S is multitalented – there’s an answer here. Although TVs require infrared from a remote control your iPhone uses Bluetooth so the Griffin RC system acts as the middleman between the two. The gadget itself matches nicely with your iPhone, but more importantly is small and sleek so will fit into any interior design scheme. It’s easy to set up and there are no annoying dongles or even cables to get in the way – it uses 4AA batteries which last for around two months.

Kensington PowerLift BackUp Battery & Stand

A dock for an iPhone 4S is a pretty useful device as it makes FaceTime chats, accessing newsstand, or watching movies so much more pleasant, but what about one that you cannot only carry around with you, but that has a backup battery hidden in there too? The Kensington PowerLift is superb when travelling especially, folding conveniently when not in use, or folded out straight so you can still hold your phone, or used as a stand. Another thing this accessory has above most other docks and backup battery options is that it will work with all but the most bulky cases too, so you don’t have to remove your case for this baby to work.