10 Best Cases for Your iPhone 4S

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Case Mate Barely There

If we are talking iPhone cases then we might as well start with one of the best names in the business. With Case Mate you know what you are getting is a quality product. It’s a case designed specifically for the iPhone 4S, is easy to fit and fits around the form of the iPhone superbly. There is a cutout at the back so you can still see the Apple logo, but that is the showiest that this case gets. Loads of colors to choose from in a stylish matt finish, so it’s nice and grippy to hold too.

OtterBox Reflex

For those of you that know all about OtterBox, you might be surprised by this design as it’s so slight – not like the usual tough cases OtterBox are renowned for. However, you still get the sleek design, but with the high protection. It’s also super-easy to install as it comes in two parts, you slide the two parts together (one from the top, the other from the bottom) and they click in the middle, so there’s no awkward pushing and sliding with the fear you are damaging your phone. It’s not as tough as other OtterBox models, but it still offers high protection, just in a less bulky design.

Predator Zero

This case has a real designer feel, but doesn’t come with a huge price tag attached. The Predator Zero also comes in a whole range of color trims – the gold trim is particularly stylish – but is probably more suited to a woman’s purse than a man’s pocket. Despite the dainty looks, the protection you get is pretty good from the carbon fiber body, there is a reinforced chassis (really sounds like we are talking about a car here), and a coating that means it’s nice to hold but doesn’t affect the look of the case.

Speck Tough Skin

While this isn’t an option for everyone, as it’s certainly not unobtrusive or slim, it’s a really great rough and tough option to keep your 4S safe and sound no matter what activity you get up to – this baby can handle anything. The grip is reassuring, and the overall build quality is superb. There is also a holster and belt clip that easily attaches to the back of the device should you need it – the belt clip can be positioned to act like a stand for your iPhone too.

Kenzo Patent Leather Pouch

Before you turn your nose up at the striking red of this pouch (although I quite like it), I should point out that it also comes in the more conventional black as well as white colorways. I love this design as it’s unique in that it has been given a twist with the stamp and the shiny patent look, but that it has old-fashioned values. In other words it will protect your phone just brilliantly, but with modern style. I also like these designs as you don’t have to worry about taking a complicated case on and off before putting your 4S into a dock for example.

Incipio iPhone 4S Stowaway

This is such a simple design that will still let the looks of your shiny new iPhone 4S shine through. It’s of the hard shell variety of case which are so popular, but this one offers something a little extra. There is a compartment in the back where you can stowaway your credit cards too. It doesn’t detract from the design and adds very little bulk to the overall size. The ridge around the front of the case also means that, although your screen isn’t directly protected, you can easily put your phone face down and not worry about the screen getting scratched.

Sena Vista

The great thing about this design is that it’s quite unique in the fact that although it’s of the shell variety of case it’s actually made of leather, so you get a really expensive look. Of course leather is also a trusted material in protecting your phone too, so you’re really getting the best of both worlds. If you want the reassuring feel of leather, but don’t like the old-fashioned pouch or traditional case, then this is a great option. It’s also available in three different colorways too. Add all this together with the neat little clip on the back that kicks out into a stand, and you can see why this is a great option.

Caze Bling RR for iPhone 4S

Naturally this has more of a feminine feel, but I felt it was a good iPhone 4S case to include in our round-up of the top ten as it’s not just style over substance. The design and quality of the case itself is akin to the high quality brands, so you don’t have to worry that the case is just looking nice without offering your phone any protection. The easy to fit hard shell case makes sure your phone is protected where it needs to be but the reverse has a variety of attractive designs that include 200 Swarovski crystals.

Just Case Metallica

The thing I really love about this case is that it’s light and offers a good fit, yet has a reassuringly expensive feel as it has a brushed aluminum surface on the back. The only negative is that the screen is left exposed, but it depends how clumsy you are as to whether this will be a problem or not – for scratch protection you can always use the screen protector it comes with of course. The case adds very little bulk, but is very strong and really easy to fit.

Roxy Hard Shell Case with Cynthia Rowley Print

This is a custom-made case for the Apple iPhone 4S, so has all the relevant cut-outs etc. that means you can still use your phone in every way without taking the case off. It’s slightly thicker than some of the other hard shell cases, but still isn’t bulky. The feel of the case is satisfying, with a matte look and a soft grip. It’s really robust with an attractive geometric designer pattern – don’t worry guys, Proporta also offer some stylish Ted Baker options for men too.