The Top 10 Most Bizarre iPhone Cases Photo Gallery

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Robotector iPhone Case

This futuristic iPhone case transforms your phone into a robot action figure. Everything from the arms to those piercing evil eyes warns you of the impending doom robots will inflict on humankind one day. Designed by Nugo Designs, Robotector is made from durable silicone, which will protect your iPhone from dust. The case easily fits into your pocket, with the arms hanging out and has a fierce look that will surely give you the creeps.

The Little Black Book iPhone 4 Case

The Little Black Book iPhone case will remind you of old hardbound novels and diaries. The unique case design exudes old-world charm and keeps your iPhone safe from peering eyes. The case exterior is made from Italian bonded leather and has a strong book bindery cloth liner. You will also find the classic bookmark thread, which is quite reminiscent of the bookmarks you find in old-fashioned moleskin notebooks. The Little Black book case is an ideal choice for bookworms or for those who like to dress up their iPhone with something unique.

EARonic Case

The Earonic iPhone case is outright bizarre and simply “Earesistible”. Designed by Daniela Gilsanz, these wacky iPhone cases feature photographs of different types of ears displayed as actual size. The case designers first took high definition ear photographs and had them printed on the back of the case. The real-life ear photograph will baffle passersby for a second into thinking that you are holding a transparent phone to your ear. This unbelievably unique case is available at CollabCubed.

Undercover Stealth Case

The Undercover Stealth Case is the perfect cover to hide your new iPhone from inquisitive eyes. The case design looks exactly like an old, torned United States Postal Service mail envelope. The attention to detail is amazing – everything from stamps to labels can be found on the case exterior. Made from waterproof material and padded with protective PE in the interior, the undercover stealth case is the safest option, but make sure your phone doesn’t end up in the mail box!

Ruggedized iPhone Case by Jon Eicher

What looks like a simple metal case for your iPhone is actually a military grade case made from auto and truck body grade aluminum. The two-piece metal case is clasped together using aerospace grade fasteners. The unique case structure has an EVA foam lining that protects the phone from scratches. The custom cutouts ensure that you get access to all ports and buttons. The case is extremely lightweight, attractive and very unique.

Wooden Old-School Camera Case

If you adore vintage cameras, then you should not miss this unique case. Made from walnut wood, this iPhone 4 case comes in two pieces that can be snapped together to cover your phone. The old-school camera design is beautiful, thanks to laser technology. The intricately carved wooden case looks as realistic as any old camera your grandpa owns. The case interior has a thin felt pad that protects your phone from accidental bumps. The unusual design and the lovely wooden sheen clearly make it a collector’s item.

iMeshi Unagi Cover

The iMeshi Unagi iPhone 4 cover epitomizes appetizing Japanese cuisine. Unagi is a delectable traditional (and very expensive) Japanese meal consisting of cooked eel and steamed white rice. This utterly delicious and unusual case has an exact silicone replica of the Unagi, which is as scrumptious as the real one. However, the case does not provide access to the camera lens and so you will have to remove it before capturing photos.

Homade Retro Cassette iPhone Case

There is nothing more nostalgic than a retro cassette case for your iPhone 4. The Homade Silicone retro cassette iPhone cover is designed to look like a late 80’s audio cassette. The red and black cassette cover will remind you of good old TDK/Sony audio cassettes which you might have used to record songs. The cover case easily slips onto your iPhone and provides access to all buttons and ports.

Opena iPhone 4 Case

An iPhone case that doubles up as a bottle opener is the obvious choice of the beer-loving crowd. The cool form factor and ingenious design is something to look out for in this case. Its protective ABS hard case has an integrated stainless steel bottle opener that easily slides out without scratching the phone surface. The innovative design and the cool form factor makes it different from other iPhone bottle-opener cases.

The Dokkiri Hand Case

This bizarre disembodied hand case is the perfect Halloween gift you are looking for. The Dokkiri Hand Case, as it is called, looks very real. The silicone case easily slips onto your iPhone, with the hand placed at the back of your phone. With a very eerie design, the iPhone 4 case might come in quite “handy” if you are planning to play a prank on your friends.


  • All images, courtesy of their respective case designers.