Buyer's Guide to Blackberry Cases

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When you purchase a BlackBerry device, it’s easy to consider the extra 20 or 30 dollars it would take to get a case an unneeded expense. However, after a few months of use it becomes obvious why you should have just gotten the case in the first place. A good case not only prevents your BlackBerry from acquiring a host of dings and scratches, keeping your BlackBerry looking like new for a long time, it also helps protect your device in case it suffers a significant drop, crack or even minor exposure to water.

No one case is going to be perfect for every BlackBerry device, and the type of case that you use will often depend on how you use your BlackBerry. If you are constantly dropping your BlackBerry or are constantly around water, you may want to check out cases that give more than just basic protection to your smartphone. If you need a case but also want to give your plain old BlackBerry a dash of style, you’ll want to see what avant-garde cases are out there for RIM devices.

Finally, as is too often the case, you’re looking for a way to protect your BlackBerry after it has already been damaged. Have no fear, as Bright Hub has a few articles designed to help you get your BlackBerry back up and running if it isn’t working properly.

Old School BlackBerry Cases

You may not be able to purchase these older BlackBerrys from a cell phone store anymore, but if you pick one up from eBay or from a friend, you’ll still need to protect it. The protective cases for old-school BlackBerry devices run the gambit from simple leather holsters to complete protection systems. If you want to keep your old BlackBerry looking like new, you’ll need to check out some of these cases. Remember too that many BlackBerry’s are similarly sized, so a case for a BlackBerry Curve 8330 will also fit the 8300 (and often even the 8530) fairly well.

Modern BlackBerry Cases

Modern BlackBerrys tend to have slightly sleeker lines and an overall greater visual appeal than older BlackBerrys. Of course, without a good case this visual appeal will be lost within months as wear and tear begin to take their toll on the delicate BlackBerry paint job. When you can’t stand to have a BlackBerry that looks like it’s been through a war zone, many of the cases listed in these articles can help you out. Just like with the older BlackBerrys, many of these cases will work on a wide variety of BlackBerry models, so be sure to check out the articles on devices other than your specific BlackBerry, just to be safe.

When Leather Isn’t Enough

Most cases will provide a small amount of protection to your smartphone and help the device look a little better in the process. If you know that your BlackBerry will be in conditions that a normal case just can’t handle, you need to check out those cases made to withstand the worst that you could possible throw at your device. These cases will do everything, from help your BlackBerry survive a massive fall, to even survive under a small amount of water.

Cases With a Little Style

For BlackBerry cases, protection is usually the name of the game. But why settle for a plain old grey case when you can add a little pizazz to your device while you protect it. These articles look at some of the most outlandish BlackBerry cases, as well as some of the most stylish ones. If you want your BlackBerry to be something you are proud to be seen with, these cases are for you.

It’s a Little Late for a Case

There are generally two times when someone looks to buy a smartphone case: when they first get the phone, and after something bad happens. If you fall into the latter category, hopefully some of these articles can help you get your BlackBerry working correctly again. There’s no substitute for protection, so be sure to find a case for your device so this issue won’t arise again, but buying a case now won’t change the past. Hopefully, the tips in these articles can have you forgetting that you even damaged your BlackBerry.