The Best Cases for the HTC Evo Shift

The Best Cases for the HTC Evo Shift
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The HTC Evo Shift 4G is a fairly amazing smartphone, which looks as good as it performs. However, if you don’t take the proper precautions, your sleek new device can quickly look like it’s a few years old. In addition to the obvious cosmetic issues: dings, nicks and scratches have the ability to cause your device to malfunction. With all the available cases out there, it can be a little difficult to narrow down your choices to just the ones that are worth your time, so that’s where this list comes in. I’ve selected just the best HTC Evo Shift cases and presented them here for you. The list covers a number of different styles, textures and designs, so that hopefully everyone finds something that they like.

Otterbox Commuter Series Case

Otterbox has made a name for themselves in complete device protection, and they certainly don’t miss the mark with their offering for the HTC Evo Shift. While the company doesn’t offer a case from their “Defender” series for this phone, their “Commuter” offering is more than good enough. The case is made from high-quality polycarbonate and it just feels good in your hand. The plastic also seems to be strong enough to handle most light-to-medium impacts without the device feeling a thing. The hard plastic is just the outer shell, as the area around the LCD is made of silicone. The case also comes with a screen protector to prevent dings and scratches from affecting the touchscreen. The Otterbox case is one of the strongest cases available for the Shift, and definitely worth checking out.

Platinum Series - White

Evo Shift Platinum

The Platinum series case offers you a good amount of protection and an equal amount of style. The case itself is made from a polycarbonate plastic material and has a feel that is similar to the back of the phone. On the outside of the plastic there is an antistatic coating that strengthens the material, protecting the case from the appearance of minor wear and tear. The case, like most fitted cases, is designed specifically for the Evo Shift so you will have access to all of your buttons, port and features on the phone. The case is easy to put on, and also easy to get off, should you need to access the battery.

Technocel Soft Touch Shield

Evo Shift Technocel

The Technocel Soft Touch Shield, while still being a hard case, gives you a little less protection than some more solid plastic cases, in return for a slimmer build and less bulk added to the phone. The case is a cinch to install and remove, gives you access to all the buttons and ports, and is available in both dark purple and light pink. The case is strong enough to protect the Shift from scratches and small dings, but a drop from more than a few feet off of the ground might still do some damage to the device. For a lightweight, inexpensive case, you can do a lot worse than this one.

Sprint - Holster and Shield Combo

Evo Shift Holster and Shield

Sprint’s holster and shield offering stands out on this list of the best HTC Evo Shift cases as it gives you two big layers of protection. First, the shield surrounds the back of the smartphone, protecting it from dings and scratches. The shield also has a slightly textured back to help keep the Shift in your hands. Second, the holster is designed to fit perfectly with the shield, allowing you to snap the device to your waist and feel comfortable that it will not pop-out of its holster. Both pieces are made from a solid, quality plastic that both feels good and provides a serious layer of protection.

Sprint Blue/Black Phone Cover

Evo Shift BlueBlack

This Sprint-branded case provides a medium level of protection but an excellent level of style. The two pieces snap securely around the Shift, protecting the back and sides from all manner of light dings and scratches. While the plastic doesn’t seem as durable as some of the polycarbonate offerings, it does feature a nice blue and black motif, with blue around the sides and a textured blank inlay across the back. This case won’t tolerate drops from as high as, say, the Otterbox case would, but at less than half the price, it may be a good option for anyone who can hold on to their phone.

Dickies Rugged Pouch

Evo Shift Dickies

Pouches only provide a limited amount of protection, as the device has to remain naked to fit inside the pouch, so for a pouch to make this list of the best cases for the HTC Evo Shift, you know it has to be good. The Dickies pouch provides a solid, rugged barrier between your phone and the world, and is designed to fit on your tool belt, or even your regular belt. The pouch features a magnetic clip and elastic sides to you don’t have to worry about scratching your device when you put it in. Since it is just a pouch, you can also use this product if you decide to change your phone to the next Evo model in the future.

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