The Best Blackberry Storm 2 Waterproof Case

The Best Blackberry Storm 2 Waterproof Case
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BlackBerry Storm 2 Waterproof Case

This is a round up of the best Blackberry Storm 2 waterproof cases, they are guaranteed to offer complete waterproof protection of your BlackBerry Storm 2 smartphone. We have a selection here of pouch case designs and form fitting cases for your phone. You can take these cases with you during deep sea diving as some of them can be submersible down to 100 feet without any water damage. Check out more amazing features and decide which is your favorite.

Aqua Box Waterproof Case

This waterproof case is designed for the BlackBerry Storm 2 and other versions. It is a hard case with a fully interactive transparent silicone membrane, which allows access to the device’s touch screen interface. You will find that the Aqua Box waterproof case is able to float your smartphone device as an added security measure and comes with a floating wrist lanyard and neck strap. It has a simple twist and lock mechanism so you can easily access your BlackBerry Storm 2 at any time and quickly seal it to give 100% waterproof protection. This great waterproof case can protect against water, sand, and dirt and its hard outer shell also provides shock absorption in case you drop it.

Aqua Box Waterproof Case - [Purchase Link]

Handheld Waterproof Case

waterproof case bb storm 2

This handheld waterproof case for the BlackBerry Storm 2 offers complete waterproof protection for a depth of 15 feet underwater. This waterproof case is tough with waterproof plastic sheathing and a patented seal clip locking enclosure system. The seal clip protects your smartphone from sand, dust, sun and even the effects of salt water. It comes with a carrying cord and has the added ability to float your device in water, providing protection all around. This case is great for any outdoor water activity, you don’t need to remove the phone for any reason, its design allows you take and make calls along with accessing the phone’s home screen.

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OverBoard Waterproof Case

Overboard Storm 2 water case

This ultra thin, stylish waterproof case is only 0.42 mm thick and has a soft matte finish with transparent frontage. It seals your BlackBerry Storm 2 smartphone securely with a strong, slide clipping system. This amazing waterproof case is also capable of floating your devices safely and is submersible to 19 feet. There is a back window that allows the phone to take ultra clear photos in wet conditions and it comes with a neck lanyard. One of the best advantages with this waterproof case is its resourcefulness, from the capacity to use different devices with it, to getting protection from not only water, but also sand, tanning oil, dust, food etc.

OverBoard Waterproof Case - [Purchase Link]

OverBoard Waterproof Case - [Purchase Link]

BlackBerry Storm Waterproof Pouch Case

BlackBerry Storm Waterproof Case

This waterproof pouch case can be used with many versions of the BlackBerry Storm including the Storm 2. It offers a vacuum seal enclosure to keep your phone completely dry even 100 feet underwater. It allows for capturing clear photos and secure plug-in for accessories. Additionally, it comes equipped with an armband or you can attach a neck strap. With this pouch case you will find that it protects against a number of water ailments - you can take it to the beach or pool, in the rain or snow and while you do water related tasks such as water plants, clean ponds, pools etc.

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Some of these BlackBerry Storm 2 waterproof cases can be used with other similar devices and even cameras. Additionally, they not only protect against water but other ailments that can tarnish or damage your BlackBerry smartphone. These BlackBerry accessories are definitely wise investments for waterproof protection as well as protection from other harsh conditions unfavorable to your phone.