Best HTC Thunderbolt Cases

Best HTC Thunderbolt Cases
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With Verizon about to release one of the most anticipated devices in their 2011 lineup, the HTC Thunderbolt, it’s no surprise that there have been a plethora of accessories being released as well, to give eager customers something to buy with the device. If you are purchasing one of these amazing devices, one of the smartest things you can do is to purchase a protective case with it. Over the course of time, even the most careful of us will have accidents and drop or scratch the device. HTC Thunderbolt cases can easily become the difference between a disaster and a good laugh.

Protex Hard Snap-On Case

The Protex Hard Snap-On case will protect your HTC Thunderbolt while making it stylish at the same time. The two case pieces snap around the outside of your device, protecting the edges of the front and the entire back side. The design of the front piece allows for the maximum amount of screen space while still protecting the sides of the device. The Protex Hard Case has a slightly rubberized feel, which will help keep your expensive smartphone in your hands instead of flying across the parking lot. The Protex cases are available in seven different colors including clear, black, purple and red.

Naztech Sahara Case

Naztech Sahara Case

The Naztech Sahara case provides a stylish way to protect your investment in the HTC Thunderbolt. The case is made from suede leather and designed to let the phone slip in and out with ease. The flap on the case has a magnetic clip, ensuring that the Thunderbolt doesn’t accidentally slip out and fall to the ground. The Naztech Sahara also comes with a swivel belt clip which lets you determine how to orient the case. Best of all the pouch comes in a wonderful two-tone style with visible front frame stitching.

Amzer Luxe Argyle Gloss TPU Soft Gel Skin Case

Amzer Thunderbolt

This Amzer Luxe case is made from soft plastic and it just slips around your smartphone like a glove. Even though the case is soft, it has a high-gloss finish, giving it the look of a hard case but the scratch and dent protection of a soft case. The Amzer Luxe case is designed specifically for the Thunderbolt, with precise cutouts for the camera and ports, meaning you will never have to take this case off and leave your device without protection. The Amzer Luxe case comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns, so you are sure to find one that fits your style.

Black Rubberized Protective Crystal Hard Case

Crystal Case Thunderbolt

This Crystal Hard Case snaps around your HTC Thunderbolt, protecting it from all kinds of potential damage. This case uses a top quality plastic to provide the best protection you can find in a case that doesn’t ruin the form factor of the device. The Crystal Hard Case is designed to allow you access to all your buttons, ports and even the kickstand, so you will never need to take it off. While the case is made from a tough hard plastic, the plastic is slightly rubberized, meaning you will find it easy to keep the phone in your hands. The Crystal Hard Case is one of the best HTC Thunderbolt cases out there and is currently being offered as part of a bundle containing a screen protector and data cable.

Red Rubberized Protector Case

Red Thunderbolt Case

Some people need the absolute best protection for their mobile device that money can buy, but if you never drop or misuse your device, there is no reason to spend $20 on a case. For those people who just want a little protection for their HTC Thunderbolt, there is the Red Rubberized Protector Case. The two pieces easily snap around the device, and have openings for all the buttons and features on the ThunderBolt. The case is slightly textured, making it easier to hold on to than a slick case or a naked device. The case probably won’t hold up to a strong drop or crack, but will completely protect the back and sides from minor dings and scratches.

Purple Argyle Silicone Skin

Purple thunderbolt Skin

The Purple Argyle Silicone Skin is made from a high-quality soft gel that will keep dings and scratches from showing up on your new HTC Thunderbolt device. The case just slips around your device, providing access to all buttons, ports and features while spicing up the device with a sleek purple argyle pattern. The skin is waterproof, but since it doesn’t completely encase your device I would avoid getting it wet, as your smartphone is decidedly not waterproof. To add some spice to an already great product, this case is currently being offered as part of a kit that includes a car charger and screen protector.

Skull Design Protective Hard Crystal Case

Skull Case

Who says that protecting your investment always has to be serious business? This Crystal hard case features all the benefits that you love about hard plastic cases, like the ease of install and the rubberized feel, but it also adds a touch of flair to your device. A skull design may not be as avant-garde as it would have been in the 1970s, but when your other options are bland red and standard white, why not decide to have some interesting artwork on the back of your Thunderbolt.