Best HTC Wildfire Cases

Best HTC Wildfire Cases
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The HTC Wildfire is one of many new HTC devices designed to optimize the Android experience and there are loads of great HTC Wildfire apps available. The large touchscreen and thin form factor are major selling points for the device, but these also mean that the device needs protection. While there are hundreds of HTC Wildfire cases available, you want to make sure you only have the best protecting your investment. Use this list of the best HTC Wildfire cases to help you narrow down your choices. Whether you are looking for something stylish, something functional or something in between, there should be something on this list for you.

FlexiShield Skin

The FlexShield Skin is made out of a silicone-based material that makes it both tough enough to protect your HTC Wildfire, yet flexible enough to easily fit around the device. This case is designed specifically for the HTC Wildfire, so the openings on the side fit exactly over your buttons and ports, and there is an opening on the back for your camera. The FlexShield Skin has a slightly textured feeling, helping to keep the device in your hands instead of falling to the ground.

Purchase the FlexiShield Skin here.

Dooney and Bourke Universal Pouch - Crossword

D&B Pouch

For some people, style is just as important as substance when it comes to protective cases for the HTC Wildfire. If you are one of those people, a Dooney & Bourke pouch may be the perfect fit for you. The pouch is made from high quality patent leather and comes with a leather wrist strap. The flap on the case has a magnetic clip, so you can’t accidentally forget to clasp it closed. Best of all is the interesting crossword design featuring the letters in “Dooney & Bourke” surrounded by a rope pattern. This case combines protection and design so you can get the best of both worlds.

Purchase the Dooney & Bourke Universal Pouch here.

Diamante Back Cover - Skull

Diamante Cover

There are a number of HTC Wildfire cases that will protect your device from minor damage, but only a few will turn your device into a work of art. The Diamante Back Cover is one of those cases, assuming you find a jeweled skull design a work of art. The cover snaps over the back of the Wildfire and covers the back and sides. The case includes cutouts for your charging port and camera, so you’ll never have to take the case off. The Diamante series also includes other designs, like hearts and flowers.

Purchase the Diamante Back Cover here.

Amzer Silicone Skin Jelly Case

Amzer Skin Case

Amzer makes a number of HTC Wildfire cases, but the jelly cases are some of their best. This case is made out of 100 percent premium silicone that is strong enough to protect your Wildfire from minor dings, but flexible enough to make it easy to put the case on and take it off. The case is made specifically for the HTC Wildfire, so you will have complete use of all the external features, like the camera, without needing to remove the case. The Amzer jelly cases come in a number of colors, like purple, green and black so you are sure to find something that suits your desires.

Purchase the Amzer Silicone Skin Jelly Case here.

ToughGuard Shell

ToughGuard Shell

If you need a protective case for the HTC Wildfire, but don’t want to wrap your device up in an inch of plastic, you should consider the tough-yet-slim ToughGuard Shell. The ToughGuard Shell is made out of a solid polycarbonate material, so it not only protects your Wildfire from dings and dents, but it feels good in your hand as well. The shell snaps around your device, making it easy to put on and take off and completely encasing the device. With all this protection you may think that the case has to be a monster, but in fact the case doesn’t change the profile of the Wildfire very much at all. When it comes to protecting your HTC Wildfire without ruining the look, the ToughGuard Shell is the way to go.

Purchase the ToughGuard Shell here.

Tuff-Luv Slim and Lite Silicone Skin Case

Tuff Luv

This protective case for the HTC Wildfire looks like a sturdy hard plastic case, but it is actually a flexible silicone cover. The Tuff-Luv case slips around your HTC Wildfire, covering the back, all four sides and the edges of the front. The case has a slightly textured feel, to help keep the device in your hands or on your car’s dash. The case is effective in protecting your Wildfire from dings and scratches, and if the case gets dirty you can wash it clean without worrying about damaging it.

Purchase the Tuff-Luv Case here.