Essential Nokia N97 Accessories

Essential Nokia N97 Accessories
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Nokia Mobile Holder CR-116

The Nokia Mobile Holder CR-116 is a car mount specifically designed for the Nokia N97. No longer will you have to hold the phone while driving. Simply place the phone in the holder and enjoy hands-free talking. The suction mount securely attaches the holder to the windshield, and the phone is held in a steady fixed position. One draw back with this holder is that it isn’t adjustable. You can purchase the Nokia Mobile Holder CR-116 at Nokia for $23.24.

Nokia Car Kit CK-200

Nokia Car Kit CK-200

Another one of the Nokia N97 accessories that is used in the car is the Nokia Car Kit CK-200. It connects with the phone through a Bluetooth connection. The kit comes with a display and remote control. You can answer calls and end calls with the push of a button on the remote control, which conveniently attaches to the steering wheel. The embedded microphone in the display picks up your voice as you talk. The display also shows who is calling. The Nokia Car Kit CK-200 will retail for about $178 at Nokia.

Nokia Bluetooth Stereo Headset BH-505

BH-505 Nokia stereo bluetooth headset

Among the Nokia N97 accessories that feature Bluetooth, the Nokia Bluetooth Stereo Headset BH-505 stands out because of the sound quality. It utilizes a technology called Digital Signal Processing to enhance the sound. The product comes with a selection of ear pieces, so you can use one that fits comfortably. You can listen to music that is stored on your phone or make calls without having to hold the phone to your ear. The Nokia Bluetooth Stereo Headset BH-505 is available at Nokia for $63.99.


Nokia Capacitive Stylus SU-39

SU-39 Nokia Capacitive Stylus

The Nokia Capacitive Stylus SU-39 is a slim, pen-like device used to interact with the touchscreen of the Nokia N97. It provides an accurate way to manipulate onscreen icons and letters. It also prevents unwanted smudges that usually result from touching the screen with your finger. You can purchase the Nokia Capacitive Stylus SU-39 at MobileFun for $23.65.

Car Charger

car charger

An essential accessory for anyone that spends a lot of time driving is the micro-USB car charger. The car charger features an adapter that fits into the cigarette lighter port of the car and a mini-USB cable that connects the Nokia N97 to the charger. The charger contains an IC chip, which prevents overcharging and overheating. In addition, the LED indicator informs you about the charging status. The micro-USB car charger can be purchased at AccessoryGeeks for $7.99.

Travel Charger

travel charger

Another way to charge up the Nokia N97 is with a travel charger. The micro-USB travel charger features a micro USB cable that connects to the phone and electrical prongs that fit any standard wall outlet. You can safely charge the phone without worrying about the risk of overcharging or short circuits, thanks to the embedded IC chip. The micro-USB travel charger is available at AccessoryGeeks for $9.99.

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