Quick System Tasks For WebOS. Efficiently Toggle Your Phones Main Settings From One Screen

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Quick System Tasks - A Basic Introduction

Whether I’m sitting on my homescreen or launching the program from the WebOS launcher section, I’m a big fan of Quick System Tasks. The utility features a dashboard shortcut option and offers an intuitive user interface. The best part? It’s 100% free from the PreCentral repository.

Check below for more info, my review and several screenshots as tested on the Palm Pre.

Overall Use (4 out of 5)

The graphical interface for Quick System Tasks is your standard WebOS output. Once launched the main toggle screen found on the application features a standard grey blackground with large “option slide” buttons where each part of your phone can be turned on and off.


The main option to keep an eye out in this section is the “Tray Mode” which will add the program to your Smartphones tray for quick one click access. As would be expected from the Palm Pre touchscreen this section offers excellent touchscreen feedback and the options are all large enough that I avoided any “fat fingering” that could have occurred if it was more jumbled.

As I mentioned the application can be added to the Tray Mode, this makes it simple to launch the program directly from the front section of the users device. It’s a small icon at the bottom of the screen but it makes pulling up your features easy with one quick and simple click.


Of course I could also launch the program from the “Launcher” section by clicking on the programs icon, although it took an extra click of my device which was unneeded since the program barely takes up any space on the homescreen so it makes sense to have the toolbar option activated.


One nice advantage of the dashboard view on this application is the ability to toggle screen brightness between “dark” and “light” modes as chosen by the user. This again is a simple screen where the user just inputs the percentage of their screens brightness from 1% - 100% at which point those settings are used when they toggle between both options.


One small qualm I have with this application is that the brightness function will dim the keyboard while also dimming your display at the same time. This can be rather counter intuitive if you only want to lower the screen brightness in darm areas but you still want to see your keyboard. Perhaps some type of integration with Brightness Unlinked could help solve this problem.


Quick System Tasks is a great option for users who constantly find themselves toggling system hardware on and off. I found that the program offered very simple to use quick launch options and that the preferences available satiated most of my battery power saving needs. While I would like to see some type of Brightness Unlinked abilities added to the application it’s really the only qualm I had with the program.

Currently Quick System Tasks is free to download from the repository and if you download and install PreWare you can search for the application and avoid all of the necessary homebrew app installation steps for this application and any other hombrew WebOS apps you download in the future.