GoodFood App For Palm Pre. Find The Best Food In Your Local Area

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Overall Use (4 out of 5)

The interface on GoodFood is what I’ve come to expect from Palm Pre Apps. The fonts are easy to read, the buttons on the programs menu’s and various screens are large and finger friendly and the apps menu’s are very intuitive, requiring absolutely no need for an instruction manual.

The first part of the application is the search function, users can search for restaurants in their location and the app pulls up all the different types of restaurants in the area, plus the their basic information including the restaurants distance from your location and their address. Here’s a look at the restaurant listing main screen:

goodfood local restaurants finder

I preferred the ability to actually filter restaurant to shorten the list of available restaurants in my area. This section works by clicking “Yes or No” based on whether you want certain types of food to show up in your search results. By default the app is set to show all of the restaurant types. However if you only want Italian and Mexican restaurants to show up you can choose yet on those two options and no on the other options.

goodfood search filter

Users can also sort by the cost of the restaurant, if you want to eat cheap choose the $ sign if you want expensive you can add $$, $$$ and $$$$ restaurants into the mix, those options work in the exact same manner as the filter shown above.

Once you find the restaurant you want you can simply click on that option to bring up the restaurants main profile screen, on this screen users will find the restaurants address once again listed, along with a phone number for calling the restaurant. Below that information there is the ability to jump over to a mapped location of the restaurant, find details about the restaurant, such as price of meals, type of meals served etc. and to finally a “recommendations” section for user recommendations regarding the restaurant your examining. Users can also leave their own thoughts which include: recommend, not recommend and remain neutral. However I preferred using the written recommendations section to leave my full thoughts rather than just a thumbs up or thumbs down.

If you start with the Map option you’ll be sent over to a Google maps outlay on your display. GoodFood utilizes GPS capabilities on your Palm Pre to automatically plot the restaurant you choose. The mapping then gives you directions from your current location. Here’s a screenshot of the well thought out mapped area:

goodfood mapped location

Final Thoughts

GoodFood is a competent and easy to use Palm Pre application that offers thousands of restaurant locations across the United States. The program also offers excellent restaurant filtering and utilizes the Palm Pre’s location based services flawlessly along with your device GPS, allowing for quick directions to location based filtering. I also love the recommendation abilities of the application, including the ability to leave a quick thumbs up and thumbs down rating or a more involved written option.

Overall I loved GoodFood and I highly recommend it for all Palm Pre users.