Tweed for Palm Pre Review & How to Use it with Twitter

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First Impressions of Tweed

For those who wanted to know, the Tweed app is a Palm Pre Twitter client developed by Pivotal Labs, a California based software consulting firm.

The application is easy to install and to easily add an account or multiple accounts to the program. It allows you to set one account as your primary/default account which will automatically be opened upon launch of the program. When accessing other twitter accounts, a relatively simple process, you can go to the main menu and select open account and finally click on the desired account. This will then open the account selected. Tweets are displayed very quickly and the loading/startup time are very short. It displays a timeline of tweets and each tweet can be clicked on, bringing up an option to favorite the tweet, reply to the tweet directly, retweet, or mark the spot of the tweet in the timeline. Selecting a particular person allows you to view the tweets made by that particular person and also allow you to send a message to the person directly.

Tweeting with Tweed (5 out of 5)

Posting a Tweet with Tweed

There is a speech bubble at the bottom of the program which allows users to send tweets, there is a character counter to show you exactly how many words you have and to make sure that you do not pass 140 words, which is a major plus. To have people know exactly where you are, a small click on the insert location icon will send a tweet with your exact gps position, an excellent addition but one thinks how often will such a feature be used. Messages are sent quickly and overall it is excellent in terms of sending and receiving messages or tweets.

Shorten Url Feature (4 out of 5)

There is a feature on the tweed application which allows the user to shorten url’s over 30 characters, though it should be able to shorten all url’s regardless of the size for a perfect rating so this dimishes a little from its performance for me. The application is also not very intuitive and only shortens url’s that begin with the ‘https://’, which again dimishes a little from it being a perfect feature but it is a useful one nevertheless.

Tweet Timeline (5 out of 5)

Viewing Tweets on Tweed

The timeline of tweets refreshed every 3 seconds automatically which seems very fast and allowed me to keep up with most major twitter conversations without missing a beat. There is also a manual refresh button to enable users to determine when they would want the page refreshed and also contains a divider which separates old and new messages.

There is also a background tweet feature which allows you to be notified whee you have a new message and the program is running in the background. This can be good or bad depending on how many followers that you have though, as people with a lot of folowers might be updates many times throughout the day and becomes very annoying very quickly. This feature can be turned off though and is highly functional.


This is a fantastic program and should be downloaded immediately by all Palm Pre owners who want to use twitter on their mobile phones.


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