The Pantech Matrix Reviewed

The Pantech Matrix Reviewed
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Pantech Matrix

The Pantech Matrix is a dual slider phone, one of the first in its class to integrate a numbered keypad and QWERTY keypad which slide out vertically and horizontally, respectively. Below you will learn more about its design, features, user interface and more.

Design (4 out of 5)


The Pantech Matrix is a thick device measuring 1.97 inches wide, 4.02 inches long and 0.78 inches thick. This is wholly due to its dual slider function which inevitably bulks it up. The body is covered a glossy coat of blue, green, black or red trim and is rounded at the edges.

The Matrix’s display measures 2 inches and supports 260K colors. Images, video and the interface are displayed in bright and clear colors. Underneath the display is a navigational toggle in the shape of a circle. Other buttons are located around the toggle in a similar circular pattern, including the Back/Clear key, Talk and End keys. They are unfortunately rather slim and prove to be hard to press for some users. The four directional buttons surrounding the toggle button activate several shortcuts such as the new message sheet, IM feature, email page and contact list.



The numerical/T9 keypad is revealed when slid out vertically. When the QWERTY keyboard is slid out of its horizontal base the screen changes its orientation to landscape. On the phone’s spine are several quick keys such as the volume rocker, dedicated camera key and a charger port.

The microSD slot is located on the top of the phone and the camera lens is on its back.

User Interface (5 out of 5)



The Matrix’s user interface draws from common and well-known layouts already on the market in other phones. The standby screen features two options on the bottom row, leading to the Menu and Options sections. It also features the time, date, service provider, battery meter and service level.

The main menu consists of a 3x3 grid with 9 icons which correspond to their respective sub-menus. The user interface is basic and is most commonly seen in AT&T mobile phones.

To enhance the experience, you can also take the time out to gather some Pantech Matrix apps to get more out of your phone. The apps are not extensive, but enough is available to make your Pantech Matrix more personal to you.

Features (4 out of 5)


The Pantech Matrix has a basic amount of features and extras. Its most basic features include a 1,000 entry phonebook, speakerphone, SMS and MMS messaging, calendar, notepad, voice memo and calculator. The phone comes preloaded with the Media Net for browsing the web, AT&T’s GPS navigator and a Media Mall for browsing and purchasing media. Instant Messaging is also supported with such mail boxes as Yahoo!, Windows Live and AIM.

Unfortunately, the Pantech Matrix has a short list of approved mailing contacts which can be synced with the phone. Users with multiple e-mail addresses may not find the phone very useful as a result.

The Matrix’s camera is a modest 1.3 megapixel resolution which creates decent pictures but not great ones. Photos experience a viewable level of digital noise or a grainy and old appearance. Indoor photographs purely depend on lighting but mostly turn out pale and washed out. Low light produces blurry and dark images. Outdoor photographs will perhaps be the best way to utilize the Matrix’s camera function as there is a greater chance for photographs to come out with good detail and bright, accurate colors.

media player

The Pantech Matrix has a decent music player. The AT&T music player is very simple and easy to manipulate. To access the application users can use either the dedicated music button located on the face of the device or go through the menu’s options. Media files can be organized in several ways from artist name, to album title, genre of music and user defined playlists. After a track or playlist is selected the application displays the song name, artist, album cover and its length. The D-pad can be used to navigate through the song by fast-forwarding, rewinding or pausing it altogether. Video files can also be played on the Pantech Matrix although some users may find the screen size to be a tad too small for an enjoyable view.

Performance (4 out of 5)

The Pantech Matrix is a quad band phone operating in the 850/900/1800/1900 MHz GSM band. The device is also packaged with 45MB of internal storage and microSD support which can hold up to 32GB of external space. Call quality is without much issue for the Pantech Matrix although some background noise may be filtered into the device. Speakerphone quality is excellent even in the most crowded places. Within its 3G capabilities made available by AT&T the Pantech Matrix browses the web effortlessly and service will not be dropped wherever AT&T service allows 3G connectivity.

The Pantech Matrix’s small but efficient 920 mAh battery allows up to 240 hours on standby and 3 hours of talktime.

Verdict (4 out of 5)

The Pantech Matrix is a great user-friendly device coupled with basic and added features for an enjoyable phone experience. Its dual-slider capabilities makes it all the more useful as an all round device. The Pantech Matrix may lag in multimedia functions but thrives because of its messaging capabilities.