How To Extend Palm Pre Battery Life: Tips and Tricks to Save Power and Go Longer On a Full Charge

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Maximizing Battery Life on the Palm Pre

Many buyers of the Palm Pre have complained about the meager battery life of the device, this flaw can however be improved in a myriad of ways.

Many Palm Pre owners are heavy users of the device and have noticed that the battery life ranges anywhere from approximately four to five hours talk time in optimal conditions. Users who utilize the many different functions of the Pre such as games, web browsing and music find the battery to last less than 12 hours from a full charge. It has also been shown that the power from the battery is drained more quickly when they are in areas that the network coverage is poor. This is however not very desirable since most smartphones generally offer a full day of use on one charge, but fear not because you can maximize battery life by following the following tips.

Wireless Usage Tips

Since it has been noticed that the wireless coverage is proportional to the battery drainage (the better the network coverage is the less power that the phone uses and vice versa) you could try to stay in areas with a good network signal. If this is impossible, you should also try to turn the Wifi on your phone on to take advantage of any Wifi connectivity in your area. This helps battery drainage due to the fact that when the phone detects a Wifi signal, instead of using the data network connection from Sprint, it will utilize the Wifi network. The usage of the Wifi network is much more efficient in conserving battery power in the Palm Pre when compared to the data network.

No Coverage?

Consequently if you are in an area where there is no wireless coverage or Wifi signal, you should turn off your phone, put it in airplane mode or turn off the Wifi since the phone automatically searches for connections which can drain the Palm Pre’s battery prematurely. To enter airplane mode, press and hold the power button for approximately 5 seconds and then select the airplane mode option which will be displayed. Tapping the upper corner of the screen of the Palm Pre will display your connection options and you can simply select airplane mode from the connections box.

Screen Settings

You could also change the configuration of the phone to turn off the screen if inactive, this will help your device use less power and help conserve battery life when compared to the default screen settings. Generally, the screen will automatically turn off after a minute of non-usage. This timeout interval can be adjucted by selecting “screen and lock” in the launcher then selected “turn off after” in that menu. You can then alter the settings to the time interval required.

The screen brightness could also be lowered to help in conserving battery life, this should be set at approximately 50% or less depending on how much you want to conserve.To change the screen brightness, you need to open “screen and lock” in the launcher and select the brightness slider which can be seen under “screen” here you can change the brightness level to the required percentage.

Avoid Sunlight and High Temperatues

You should also keep the phone and its battery out of direct sunlight since high temperatures can permanently damage or reduce the maximum charge (capacity) of the Palm Pre battery.

The battery of the Palm Pre will function optimally when the tips shown above are followed and you too can extend the battery life of your device to enjoy it to the fullest.