Palm Pre Shortcuts: A Quick Guide to Copy Text, Set Airplane Mode, and How to Reset

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The Power of the Palm Pre

The Palm Pre is one of the hottest mobile devices currently on the market and its revolutionary WebOS (operating system) currently allows for multitasking and a range of useful applications and functions. This guide will show you a few shortcuts and guides to make operating your palm easier and safer than before.

Airplane Mode

The large majority of Palm Pre users will at some time board an airplane for travel and as such they need to put the phone into airplane mode for the safety of themselves and the other passengers, while still being able to access most of the functions of their mobile device. This mode causes the cellular radio to shut down but the owner can still enjoy most of the features of their Palm Pre. The only feature that can’t be used is voice calls. You can even browse the web using the phone enabled wi-fi in airplane mode.

To enter airplane mode, press the power button without release for 5 seconds and then select the airplane mode option which will be displayed on the screen. Tapping the upper corner of the Palm Pre screen will also display your connection options and simply selecting airplane mode from the connections box will get your device ready for safe passage.

Quick Shortcuts

If you are receiving a phone call and want to quickly turn off the sound of the phone ringing all you need to do is to touch the power key once. If you need to send the call directly to your voicemail you should tap the power key two times quickly in a row.

To check the exact amount of battery power remaining in your Palm Pre, you should tap on the top right-hand corner of the screen and select the box called connections. The battery life will be displayed here with an exact percentage estimate (which is much more accurate than the one displayed on your main wallpaper) and can help to prevent your phone turning off from low battery power.

You can copy text by simply tapping the upper left corner of the display which brings up a menu for text, select the edit option from this display and select copy, the text will then be copied. You can also alternately highlight the text and touch without releasing the gesture area and hit the C button on the keyboard, this will copy the text as well.

How To Reset The Palm Pre

If you are experiencing device problems of any kind, before going back to get your phone repaired you may need to reset the Palm Pre by removing the battery cover and tugging on the cloth tab which is located beneath the battery until the battery comes out. After approximately 20 seconds, reinsert the battery and turn on the device, it should be reset.