How To Sync Outlook and Exchange Server Contacts with Your Palm Pre

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Syncing Made Easy with the Palm Pre

The palm pre is one of the best devices when trying to actually compare a smartphone to the iphone. It has a crisp clear 320x480 resolution screen and a full QWERTY keyboard that reveals itself by sliding, the form factor is exceptional with a wondeful touch screen and the build quality can be felt in your hand. Syncing contacts, events from calendars and emails are simple and easy using this device and the entire process takes just a few minutes. For anyone looking for a quick way to sync Microsoft Outlook contacts, events and emails to their Palm Pre, this article will show you how in a few quick and easy steps. 

Checking for Updates

Some early models of the Palm Pre were shipped with a few bugs in the software that may make Outlook and Microsoft Exchange Server syncing very difficult. Hence before doing all of these procedures, you should open the update launcher from the menu settings to make sure that you have the correct the correct updated settings. This can be done by opening the orange box in your menu.

Syncing Outlook Contacts with the Palm Pre

When syncing contacts, you should open the phone launcher and open the contact application. The syncing process is very simple and you can sync multiple Microsoft Exchange Server Outlook accounts, as well as Gmail and Facebook accounts, the emails and phone numbers are automatically extracted from these accounts and added to your Palm Pre contacts.

After the syncing of contacts, you can sync your email in the same fashion afterwards. When the sync is complete, the gold Microsoft logo will be shown beside all your emails, if the normal Palm Pre symbol is seen next to your emails in the new emails that you have, you may have to delete all the current email accounts and resync everything all over again.

Sync With Microsoft Exchange Server and Using More Than One Account

When you want to sync your email with the Microsoft Exchange Server, you should hit the add an account button located in the sync menu, for those who already have a Microsoft Outlook account, multiple accounts can be added by selecting the “Preferences and Accounts” option from the drop down menu located at the top of the screen. You should then select add an new account from the top left of the screen.

Some Outlook accounts are coupled to the Microsoft Exchange Server, to add these specific accounts, select the option “exchange” from the list that shows the specific account types and enter the incoming server name and login name