Fixing Palm Pre Problems

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Can’t Send or Receive IM Messages

One of the most common Palm Pre problems is the inability to send or receive instant messages. There are several things that can be done to fix this.

  • Check Network Data or Wi-Fi connection - The Palm Pre needs to be connected to a network to send and receive instant messages. Make sure you are within range of the data coverage provided by your service.

  • Check IM Account Setup - Open Messaging, choose Preferences & Accounts, and click Add An Account. Choose the IM account and enter the username and password. Then sign in.

  • Check Login Status - Open Messaging, select Buddies, and view status. The options are Available, Busy, or Sign Off. Choose Available.

Calendar Notifications Not Working

There are several issues that can affect the Palm Pre calendar including notifications that don’t work. One possible cause for this is the phone’s sound setting isn’t on. Open the Sounds & Ringtone menu and turn the System Sounds on under the Ringer Switch On option. Then make sure the volume of the sound is adequate. Use the slider bar to set the volume. Additionally, there is a ringer switch on the top of the phone. Slide it to turn on the phone’s ringer and notification sound.

Another possible cause for the lack of calendar notifications is that it isn’t set in the Sync Account. Check if the event and reminder is set. Look in Google, Outlook, or other calendar program to make sure the event is in the calendar. If it isn’t, wait up to 30 minutes to allow the event to sync. If it is there, set the reminder.

A third reason the notifications for the calendar might not be working is that the alarm isn’t set in the calendar. Open Calendar and tap the green ‘i’ icon to the right of the event while in Day View. Check the alarm status. If there isn’t one, tap No Reminder and tap again to set the alarm interval.

Camera Won’t Shoot Videos

The camera is a source of several Palm Pre problems. First check that the webOS version of your Palm Pre is 1.4 or higher. Then close all Palm Pre applications. Open the camera and record a video. If that doesn’t work, restart the phone and try recording a video again. If it still isn’t working, open Updates and manually check for system or app updates. After updating, open the camera and record a video.

Trouble Downloading E-mail Attachments

E-mail attachments below 150 kb are downloaded automatically, so any attachments that are larger than this will require manual download. Tap the attachment within the e-mail to download it. If an e-mail isn’t received, it may be due to the attachment. Try sending the e-mail without the attachment. If the e-mail goes through, then the type of file in the attachment may not be compatible or the account setting for the e-mail account may not allow attachments. Check the account setting.


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