The Palm Pre App Store

The Palm Pre App Store
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The Palm app store is referred to as the Palm App Catalog, and it contains thousands of apps. The most convenient way to access it is through the Palm smartphone. There should be an icon for the app catalog on the home screen. Simply tap the icon to launch the app catalog.

Another way to access the app catalog is by using a desktop or laptop to connect with the Palm mobile applications website. From there, click on ‘featured apps’ to view the available apps. This is probably a more convenient way to view the different apps in the app catalog.

Once the catalog is open on the Palm Pre smartphone, several featured apps will be displayed right away. In addition, you can browse by categories, view the newest apps available in the app catalog, and see the most popular apps. If you are searching for a particular app, simply type the name of the app into the search box to locate that app. The app catalog contains both free and paid apps. The Palm Pre app store will feature apps that are specific for the Palm Pre, but most apps are compatible with several Palm devices.

On the website, the Palm Pre apps are sorted by category. A description of each app is given, along with a few screenshots, and the option to send the app to the phone. It is basically an overview of the app. There aren’t any ratings or lists featuring the newest or most popular apps.

The Palm App Catalog

The apps in the Palm Pre app store are placed into several categories. The Entertainment category contains several apps including Flixster, Fandango, and Mobile by CitySearch. The Music category features apps such as Grooveshark, Pandora, and RadioTime. Social Networking, News & Weather, and Sports are three more categories in the Palm App Catalog. Express Stocks and Debt Free are two of the apps in the Business & Finance category. There is a Games category and a 3D Games category. E-books and eReaders are located in the Books & Reference category. Hotel finders and GPS software are placed in the Travel & Navigation category. Everything else is categorized in the Productivity & Utilities category.

Downloading Apps

Install Palm Pre App

After perusing through the app catalog on the Palm Pre, simply tap the app you want. The screen will display the app information and the app rating. You can read the reviews and let friends know about it with the share option. Download it directly to the Palm device by tapping it and within seconds, the app will download and install.

On the website, there is an option next to the screenshot of the app to send the app to your phone. Clicking it will open a window which asks for your phone number. The screen also displays the price of the app and the webOS version required to run the app. The app version is also listed. After ensuring your phone is compatible with the app, enter the phone number of your Palm phone and click enter. The app will be sent to the phone and installed.

It’s not always easy to find the best applications in the Palm App Catalog so check out the top ten Palm Pre 2 apps for some ideas to get you started.


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