Where Can I Find LG Phone Drivers?

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Where’s My Driver?

Many phones ship without driver discs, particularly if they have been supplied by resellers or networks. LG phones are no different.

Drivers are vital for connecting your mobile device to a PC via USB, particularly so if you use your handset as a portable storage solution or as an MP3 player. Although it would be useful if mobile phones had a standard USB connection layer to prevent the need for drivers for basic file storage (particularly in devices that effectively act as card readers), such a system is yet to be implemented. Drivers are required.

This article looks at places where you can find up to date LG phone drivers for connecting your new mobile phone to a PC or laptop.

Try the Website!

Before going anywhere else, try the supplier of your mobile phone. For instance, if you purchased your phone from Orange, check the Orange website for a driver download or a direct link to the LG support site.

The most obvious place to find LG phone drivers is of course on the LG website. LG are a massive company, providing not only mobile phones but also TVs, disc drives, DVD and Blu-ray drives, kitchen equipment and much more.

A quick visit to www.lg.com should allow you to find the relevant driver page for your mobile; except, it doesn’t.

For some reason best known to LG, the support pages – the standard place to find device drivers – are pretty tough to find. As a result, a certain amount of help and a bit of user editing is required to find the support pages.

How Can I Find LG Phone Drivers?

Using the standard link for the LG website, you can find drivers for your device – however as a massive international company, LG use different pages for different languages.

As a result, the link:


…will be of no use to anyone in Spain.

However, by using some elementary thinking and being aware of the de facto two-letter international language abbreviations, we can change the above link. If “uk” represents the United Kingdom, then “es” represents Spain. Therefore we can change the link above:

[https://www.lg.com/es/support/product/support-product.jsp](/tools/LG Phone Drivers)

…and this will take us to the Spanish language LG support pages, from where drivers for your mobile phone will be available.

And yes, it is obvious to me too. All LG need to do is place an easy to see “Support” link on their product pages, and the fiddly procedure above need not be used again.

Other Driver Resources for LG Phones

You could however save yourself a lot of pain and inconvenience by heading straight for one of the online driver resources.

There are hundreds of sites across the web providing a repository for device drivers for all sorts of hardware, from PCs and laptops to firmware updates for Blu-ray drives to mobile phones.

NoDevice.com is one such site – use the following link www.nodevice.com/driver/company/LG.html to go directly to the LG phones section, where you can browse for your model and download the drivers you need!