How Do I Get My Ringtones on the New LG Dare Cell Phone?

How Do I Get My Ringtones on the New LG Dare Cell Phone?
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LG Dare

Owners of the LG Dare may find themselves wondering, “How do I get my ringtones on the new LG dare cell phone”? Getting ringtones

on the new LG Dare cell phone is done quite easily using the included CD and USB data cable with the LG Dare. Ringtones can easily be transferred onto the new LG dare cell phone from your computer.

Ringtones can also be purchased for the new LG Dare cell phone directly from the music store. The music store can be found under the menu on the LG Dare and will vary based on your cell phone company. Once you have the ringtones on the new LG Dare you will need to learn how to change your ringtone on the LG Dare.

Learning how to change the ringtone on the LG Dare is not particularly difficult. Once you have a basic understanding of how to use the LG Dare it will become once easier to perform simple tasks such as changing the ringtone. It is a simple process that you can use over and over again to select different ringtones.

Changing the Ringtone

To change the ringtone on the LG Dare carefully follow these steps:

  1. Open the Menu. Tap the Menu icon on the home screen.
  2. Open Settings. Look for the icon that says “Settings & Tools”. Click the Settings & Tools icon which looks like two gears in a gray box.
  3. Open Sound Settings. Locate “Sound Settings” and tap it to open the Sound Settings Menu.
  4. Open Call Settings. Search for “Call Settings”. Tap on Call Settings to open the Call Settings menu on your LG Dare.
  5. Select ringtone settings. Locate the option that says “Call Ringtone”. Tap on the option that says “Call Ringtone” to open the menu that will allow you to change the ringtone on your LG Dare.
  6. Change the ringtone. Click on “All Calls” and select the ringtone you wish to use. Press “Play” to preview the ringtone before you select it. Changing the ringtone on your LG Dare by selecting “All Calls” will set the ringtone for all incoming calls. You should see the ringtones your put on your new LG Dare phone before starting this guide.
  7. Set specific ringtones. Set specific ringtones to specific callers and groups by going back to step five. Instead of proceeding to step six and selecting “All Calls”, choose one of the other options in the menu. Select a particular contact to apply a ringtone to that individual person. You can also choose a group to set the same ringtone for everyone in a particular group.

LG Customization

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