Guide to Adding Music to MicroSD for LG Cell Phone

Guide to Adding Music to MicroSD for LG Cell Phone
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MicroSD Memory Cards and the LG Phone

Learning how to transfer music to your LG phone using a microSD memory card is the ideal choice for transferring music to your LG phone. Many LG phones do not come with a USB cable or the ability to wirelessly transfer files to and from the computer. Almost all LG phones come with a microSD memory card slot.

A microSD card can be used to transfer music and other files between many different devices. Using the microSD memory card to transfer music to your LG phone requires nothing more than a few music files, a computer or laptop with a microSD slot and of course a few minutes of free time. Once the music is on the microSD card all you have to do is insert the microSD memory card into your LG phone and copy the music over to the phone.

A standard microSD card is around 2GB in size which is enough space for around 450 MP3 files assuming that each song is around four minutes. Adding music to a microSD memory card for transfer to your LG cell phone is practical because the microSD memory card can be used multiple times to transfer as much music to your LG phone as the internal memory can hold.

Transfer the Music

  1. Place microSD memory card in computer. Insert the microSD memory card into your computer’s microSD memory card reader. Use an adapter, USB card reader or internal microSD memory card reader for your computer.
  2. Copy the music. Copy the music to the microSD memory card from the computer. Navigate to my computer and find the newly added drive that is linked to the microSD memory card. Double-click the microSD card to open it. Drag the music files onto microSD memory card.
  3. Insert the microSD memory card into LG phone. Take the microSD memory card out of the computer. Insert the microSD memory card into your LG phone.
  4. Open music section. Navigate to the music section of your LG phone. This will vary based on the model of LG phone and your carry. Typically this can be found under “My Stuff” or “My Media”.
  5. Transfer the music. Select the song you wish to copy to the LG phone from the microSD card. Press the “Menu” key to open the menu. Locate the option that says “Copy” or “Move”. Select that option to begin copying the song from the microSD card to the internal memory of the LG phone. Repeat this process for any songs that you have on the microSD card and wish to copy to your LG phone.

Tips & Advice

  • Consult your phone’s manual for exact information on where the music section is on your LG phone.
  • Purchase a 2GB microSD memory card as they are the most commonly supported, larger microSD memory cards may not be supported on certain LG phones.
  • Remember that the more files you are copying to and from the microSD memory card the slower the operation will be.