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LG has never been the most popular of mobile phone manufacturers, but they have released a wide variety of decent budget cell phones. In recent years they have turned their attentions towards the growing Android platform and they have produced some popular entry-level Android smartphones. Even more recently they’ve entered the other end of the market with some powerful high-end smartphones that have garnered positive reviews.

Learn about the best apps for Android LG phones in this collection of round-ups. We’ll also turn our eye towards a few of their older releases with some model specific round-ups highlighting great applications. There’s plenty to choose from so dive in.

20 Best Free Android Applications

The latest releases from LG, such as the Revolution and the Optimus 2X, are Android smartphones and so they can benefit from the wide range of awesome free apps on the platform. You’ll find apps for all sorts in here and none of them will cost you a cent.

The Top Android Apps for You

Sometimes you have to splash the cash to get the best apps and these Android options are all worth the money. You’ll be impressed at some of the options in here and while this round-up kicks off with premium picks there are a few free apps towards the end as well.

Top Ten Android Games

If you have splashed out for a new Android smartphone from LG then you won’t want to confine yourself to apps, there are loads of great games too. Here are ten essential downloads for you to play, from Blow Up to Angry Birds.

Get to Grips with Google Maps

One of the most popular apps on any Android smartphone is Google Maps. Find out exactly how to use it and navigate to your destination with ease in this simple guide. If you aren’t using Google Maps then you really aren’t getting the most out of your Android phone.

10 Great Applications for Your LG Ally

The Ally is a decent Android smartphone that was originally released on Verizon. You’ll find ten solid options for great apps right here and these choices will work just as well on any other Android smartphone from LG.

Top 10 Free Windows Phone 7 Apps

LG hasn’t committed to Android exclusively they also released the LG Optimus 7 and the LG Quantum on the Windows Phone 7 platform. Here are some choice apps for you if you own either of those WP7 devices. LG is also expected to release more WP7 phones so watch this space.

Great Applications for the LG Env3

The LG Env3 runs on the Brew OS and it supports a wide variety of great apps. In this round-up you’ll find a range of useful options that will help you to locate your family, change your ringtone, check the weather and more.

Best Applications for the LG Chocolate

The Chocolate was a popular release for LG and this app round-up highlights ten apps that owners of this phone will not want to miss out on. From instant messaging to navigation there are plenty of ways to increase the functionality of your phone.

Best Apps for the LG Neon

Here are five handy apps for the LG Neon. There’s a dictionary, a Facebook app, a Bluetooth app for transferring files, a secure password manager and a consolidated instant messaging app that hooks into various popular services.

Best Applications for the LG Cookie

The Cookie is another old LG release that was very popular. You’ll find five great apps in this round-up that will help you with PDF files, Word documents and even YouTube.

Top Apps for the LG Banter

The Banter has an unusual design that combines a keypad with a side sliding physical QWERTY keyboard. You can find some handy apps to make the most of it here including a memory manager to help your phone run more efficiently and a web browser that offers optimized performance for speedier surfing.

Best Apps to Manage Your LG Phone

You are going to want to have some solution for syncing files between your computer and your LG phone. This round-up takes a look at a few different options from various sources and it also examines the official LGPC Suite. Find the best way to manage your LG phone right here.

That wraps up our LG apps guide. Do you have an LG phone and want to tell us about an app you simply can’t live without? Post a comment and tell us about it.


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