LG Mobile Phones

Are you an LG devotee? Do you have a loyalty to the LG style of phones that come to market because of their reliability and performance? Are you on the lookout for a new mobile and like what you hear and see about LG? Or maybe you are simply browsing many makes and models of mobile? If so, welcome to the LG Channel here at Bright Hub…
As one of the largest and most popular providers of mobile phone technologies, LG is a forerunner for mobile communication and innovation. LG mobile phones and accessories have shaped the industry for years, and continue to do so. Now with impressive offerings such as the InTouch, Pop and Chocolate camera and touch phones, there is an abundance of choice in the LG portfolio that caters to every mobile users needs. For the novice to the expert, here we help you get the most from LG as a professional and social organizer, and as a mobile communications manufacturer.
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Gimmick or Genius? The LG DoublePlay Review

Get ready for something you haven’t seen before. The LG DoublePlay is an Android smartphone with a difference. Available from T-Mobile for $99.99 on a two year contract — this is an interesting prospect.

Raising MetroPCS’ Esteem – LG Esteem Review

MetroPCS’ esteem must be running high with their recent smartphone enhancements and it looks like they’re hoping to raise that with their latest prize, the aptly named LG Esteem. Does the Esteem handle well or is it nothing more than another average addition to the MetroPCS line-up?

Making a Marquee – The LG Marquee Reviewed

The entry level smartphone market isn’t exactly saturated but most customers aren’t expecting fast, well designed phones. Enter the LG Marquee, featuring a slim design, 4 inch NOVA display, 1 GHz processor and Android 2.3 from Sprint. Does the Marquee headline the entry level market or does it fail?

LG Enlighten Reviewed – Gets Lost in the Dark

LG has consistently released similar entry to mid-level market smartphones to the public through various carriers. The Enlighten is yet another addition to their line up, aiming at the same audience. But does it have what it takes to enlighten its customers or does it get lost in the dark?

Guide to Apps for LG Phones

LG is starting to make inroads in the smartphone market with some great Android handsets. They also have a long history of producing budget cell phones. Find out about the best apps for LG phones in this guide.

Top Ten LG Ally Apps

Get your hands on some great apps to extend the functionality of your LG Ally. In this top ten round up you’ll find all sorts of goodies to help you with everything from Internet browsing to watching movies.

Review of the LG Rumor Touch

A review of LG’s efforts to redeem the LG Rumor brand — we take a look at the LG Rumor Touch, to see if their efforts have been successful or not.

LG Rumor 2 Reviewed

It seemed in 2008, that phones with a dialing pad then a slide out QWERTY keyboard would be the biggest revolution in the cell phone world. So is the LG Rumor 2 — a double pad texting phone on Sprint — still an option in 2011?

Recommendations for the Top LG enV3 Apps

Here’s a round up of the best LG enV3 apps that will allow you to take full advantage of the handset’s impressive features. Track your family, stay up to date with the weather, get new ringtones and more with these handy apps.

LG Genesis Review – The Rebirth of the LG enV Series?

The LG Genesis is technically not a new creation, but rather a cast off from Verizon to U.S. Cellular. Rising from what was originally known as the LG enV Touch Pro, the LG Genesis is a new offering and name through a new carrier. Does the LG Genesis perform well with a new name, brand and look?

Which is Better? Thunderbolt vs Revolution

Buying a smartphone can be a difficult experience, as the wrong choice could leave you unhappy for over a year. If you are stuck deciding between the LG Revolution and the HTC Thunderbolt, this guide will help you understand the differences in the devices.

LG Phoenix Review: Optimus One at AT&T

A review of the final card in the LG Optimus One deck — the LG Phoenix from AT&T. How good is this budget Android smartphone? Find out as we review the design, features and performance.

LG Thrive Review – AT&T’s First Prepaid Smartphone

The LG Thrive is AT&T’s version of the LG Optimus One, which has made quite an impact across all the U.S. carriers. The Thrive is also the first smartphone to be released on AT&T’s Go prepaid plan, once again, aiming at the entry level market. Will it truly thrive like the name suggests?