Best Bar Apps for the iPhone: Review of Beer Pad, Versus, Dice, and Beer Counter

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iPhone Bar Applications

Everyone knows the new iPhone in your pocket will give you directions to the bar, take pictures of the night, and even calculate the tip for you. All of these are fantastic features available on Apple’s handset, but with a few dollars and a little time spent in the App Store your iPhone can turn into your best companion for a night out on the town. Here is a short list of some of the best applications for bar-goers.

Beer Pad from App Shop, LLC

If you’re a connoisseur of beer, you might want to consider springing for the $4.99 Beer Pad from App Shop, LLC. Beer Pad is an in-depth note-taking program that allows you to record your thoughts on the different beers you’ve tasted. The app allows you to populate categories like the brewery, price, style, region, color, aroma, and rating of the brew. Anyone who takes pride in expanding his or her taste and knowledge of beer should never be without this fantastic app. Beer Pad is also available in wine and scotch varieties.

Versus from Kudit

A little friendly competition is to be expected on a night out with friends. For $.99, you can keep track of all the action with this simple, yet elegant, iPhone app. Versus will allow you to create and name two teams and tally the score. Why try to keep track of the score in your head when you can use your phone?

Dice from MotionX

A slow, quiet night at the bar with some friends begs for some sort of entertainment. Dice by MotionX is a free app that simulates the roll of between one and five dice. The physics and graphics of this free application are astounding, making it a must for Craps and Yahtzee fans alike.

BeerCounter by Timm Knape

BeerCounter has the a solitary function of keeping track of the ales you’ve consumed at the bar or anywhere you find yourself drinking. Odds are, if you need this free app, you shouldn’t be driving. If you aren’t drinking, you can pretend you are using the iBeer app.