iDrunky iPhone App Review: Sobriety Test

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iDrunky Concept (4 out of 5)

iDrunk Disclaimer

iDrunky is a pretty entertaintaining concept. In a nut shell, iDrunky is an iPhone sobriety test. You heard correctly, iDrunky is a way for you to test just how drunk you are, on your iPhone. The idea is pretty solid and has plenty of potential for entertainment.

iDrunky does bring up some concerns as an iPhone sobriety test. First, iDrunky clearly states that it is to be considered strictly a game and not used to test sobriety for purposes such as driving, operating machinery, etc. There are plenty of people who will take iDrunky too seriously and attempt to use it as a serious sobriety test which will surely result in injury. The next issue is more of a drunk persons flaw than a concept flaw for an iPhone sobriety test. The iPhone happens to be a fragile device and fragile devices do not mix well with intoxicated individuals. It is advisable to avoid handing your iPhone to incredibly drunk friends, leaving it flat on the table might be a better idea.

Regardless, iDrunky is a great concept with some serious potential. Although it proposes to be used as merely a game, there is some possibility that iDrunky may actually be able to help determine your sobriety level… read on to find out more!

iDrunky Functionality (5 out of 5)


iDrunky works better than expected. You probably would not expect much from an iPhone sobriety test which is exactly why iDrunky will far surpass your expectations. There are four different tests which can be taken using iDrunky to help determine your sobriety level and the sobriety level of your friends as well.

Chances are you will be drinking when you decide to try iDrunky. It is worth noting that this review was conducted under the influence of alcohol as well. iDrunky is an iPhone sobriety test therefore it may be entertaining when you are sober but it truly shines when used in conjunction with alcoholic beverages.

iDrunky uses a series of tests which test both your ability of basic thoughts and hand eye coordination. These tests are very similar to the ones used by police officials. iDrunky uses sobriety tests such as the ABC test with a new spin using the touch screen. Also iDrunky makes use of the classic touch your nose sobriety test while using the accelerometer to judge how you do.

Results are display in an amusing way with a funny remark. The iPhone sobriety test actually works surprisingly well and the results are clearly worse as you drink more. The application is designed well and easy to use when you are drinking (but the tests aren’t). In total there are four different iPhone sobriety tests included with iDrunky, for best results choose “All Tests” and go through them in succession.

iDrunky Conclusion (4 out of 5)

Overall iDrunky is an amusing application for the iPhone. It works as advertised and really does a great job at judging just how drunk you are. The creative use of the accelerometer makes iDrunky a perfect fit for the iPhone.

Tests are creative and functional; results are presented in an entertaining way. The iPhone sobriety test is simple enough to use when intoxicated which is a big plus. iDrunky is a great iPhone app and a very entertaining piece of software. It would benefit from a few more test options but it is a great value for the current price of $0.99. iDrunky can be downloaded from the iTunes AppStore (here).

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