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Blindtype Concept (5 out of 5)


Blindtype is a great concept, aiming to change text input on the iPhone. Many users of the iPhone are aware that the default “auto-correction” of the iPhone can be tedious. Some users never experience any issues but others find that typing without having your eyes fixed on the iPhone screen is an impossible task.

Blindtype replaces the default iPhone keyboard with an identical keyboard. Almost identical, the new keyboard works in the same fashion as the old keyboard and even looks the same for the most part. The difference is that the new keyboard is incredibly tolerant to typing mistakes and is supposed to be able to always type exactly what you meant to say.

Blindtype is creating results by designing a new auto-correction algorithm. You may be familiar with prior algorithms such as T-9 predictive input and the standard iPhone algorithm you are already using. If Blindtype works as advertised, it would not only provide a new way to type but far surpass the existing auto-correction methods on the market.

Blindtype Functionality (4 out of 5)

Blindtype is not in the iTunes AppStore at this time and is currently awaiting the approval of Apple. Many people are skeptical about whether this type of application will be approved. There is also not currently an official release available on Cydia therefore a test build was obtained and used for the purposes of this review.


Blindtype integrates directly into the existing iPhone keyboard. There is also an option to use a nearly transparent keyboard layout which works the same as the classic layout without blocking the screen. In practice Blindtype performed very well after an initial warm-up phase. Blindtype, just like any other auto-correction needs to learn about your typing style before it can properly function. Out of the box Blindtype only performed marginally better than the default iPhone auto-correction.

Blindtype was able to recognize misspelled words with a few letters different. Similar words were not auto-corrected by the iPhone’s default auto-correction. Anything beyond a few letters mis-typed and Blindtype began to fail at auto-correction. After several hours of normal usage Blindtype began to function much, much better. While no official tests were conducted in a scientific matter (due to limitations of the iPhone), the results were astounding.

Mis-spelling similar words using both Blindtype and the default iPhone auto-correction proved that Blindtype has a considerably higher tolerance level. Several words such as “extremely” were recognized by Blindtype when they only had the first and last letter correct. Using Blindtype it was not only possible to type without looking at the iPhone screen but it was possible to type legible, clear sentences without paying attention to the iPhone at all.

Blindtype Conclusion (5 out of 5)

Blindtype Transparent

Overall Blindtype had spectacular test results. Capable of recovering both minor errors and huge errors, Blindtype almost always was able to properly write the intended sentence.

Like most auto-correct software Blindtype does have to learn your style. Blindtype quickly picked up on my typing style and was able to perform as promised within a few hours. The transparent keyboard is another handy feature which saves precious iPhone screen real estate while enabling all the wonderful features of Blindtype.

The final version of Blindtype will likely be much better than the test build used for this review. Should Blindtype ever make its way to the AppStore this review will be updated based upon the new version. Either way, as it currently stands: Blindtype is an excellent alternative to traditional auto-correction on the iPhone and far surpasses what little competition it has.

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