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Atomic Web Browser - Features

Atomic Web Browser

Atomic Web Browser is an alternative to the iPhone’s default mobile web browser, Apple’s very own Mobile Safari. Don’t get me wrong here, Mobile Safari is a pretty solid mobile web browser, but it lacks some functionality and features which fortunately are being addressed by Atomic Web Browser.

First among these features of course is tab browsing. Say goodbye to separate views for multiple open tabs of the Mobile Safari app. Atomic Web Browser treats multiple sites opened on tabs like just like the traditional desktop browser does. Say, you’re browsing Brighthub’s iPhone channel and you want to check out the Google Android Channel. Simply tap on the “+” icon on top of the screen and then enter the URL of the site. You can easily go back to the previous site you’ve visited without reloading the page since it’s still open on another tab. What’s good about Atomic Web Browser’s tab feature is that you can turn it off anytime you want to. And the app supports many tabs that the iPhone screen can display. The app converts these tab rows into a slideable interface.

Another great feature of Atomic Web Browser is the full-screen feature. Yes, you read it right. If you’re visiting a chunky website and you feel like the current screen display is not enough, you can remove the upper portion and enlarge the display into full screen. You can easily toggle back to this screen too.

Atomic Web Browser - More Nice Features

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Just like other mobile web browsers, Atomic Web Browser also gives you the usual options and features. Located at the top of browser are the favorite option, address bar and search. You easily check out the sites you’ve favorited before by simply tapping on the star icons. When trying to visit a site, the app shows you previously typed web addresses - saving you some valuable time when entering the address again.

Another great feature of Atomic Web Browser is its support for various search options including Bing, Google, Wikipedia, Amazon, Yahoo and YouTube.

Sitting below the Atomic Web Browser window are additional options - the backward and forward arrows let you navigate through your browsing history. You can also find the tab icons to turn off tab browsing, the “+” icon lets you add the current page that you are browsing to your homescreen, open the page in Mobile Safari, bookmark the page, lock screen rotation, email the current web address and view the source code of the page.

Our Verdict

I’ve been using Atomic Web Browser on my iPhone since the day I installed it. It made me forget about the Mobile Safari browser because of its many features and functionality. The app also runs fast even on a crappy 3G network. Pages load fast and the page elements are displayed almost perfectly.

If you’re looking for a better and more powerful mobile web browser to use on your iPhone, Atomic Web Browser is for you.

Atomic Web Browser is available from the App Store for $0.99.