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The Moron Test Making Fun of the Genius

Moron Test Question

People are much acquainted with the many different testing tools. There is the prominent IQ Test to evaluate intellectual ascendance. There is also the equally infamous EQ Test to assess the emotional tendencies of a person. These are psychological measures providing tags on the ability of a person.

Another breakthrough on testing concepts is the moron test. It is an ingenious creation that verifies mental abilities. It is incorporated in a game making it fun and exciting. It is also downloadable in computers and iPhones as a recreational application. In fact, its versions made their own trend in the market.

Fun (5 out of 5)

Moron Test Question

The moron test is comprised of challenging questions which must be answered successfully. The difficulty ranges according to the levels provided. It has a rich and concentrated number of questions for every level. Most, if not all, are IQ test questions in varying and creative forms. The questions should be taken seriously to avoid starting back with scratch.

The fun factor is provided by the mood fostered by the game. The screen flashes colorful and lively settings which provide amusing sights. Dynamism is sustained with the active and responsive icons. The audio is perfectly simulated to support the humorous theme. There are insulting, frustrating, and irritating yells directed at the player. These are default sounds which are activated whenever there are misses on the set of questions.

The Mobile Version (4 out of 5)

Moron Test Question

The moron test is available in iPhones at quite a low price. It is affordable at $0.99 dollars on cyberstores. It can be used by iPhone users from all walks of life including professionals, yuppies, and students. The entertaining features are the key to its marketing advantage.

The iPhone version is fast-paced and addictive and can be completed roughly within half an hour. It is composed of three challenging sections with 100 questions per section. There are seven levels to beat to end up as a genius. And, the winning experience is very rewarding after the mental and psychological torture.

The Updated Version (4 out of 5)

Moron Test Fail

One latest innovation on the moron test is the Food Fight. This version has some added features making it more fun and exciting. The theme incorporates food and battle into the puzzle creating colorful and icons. These include favorites such as apples, pizza, and ice creams. It will surely satisfy your wits and maybe your stomach.

The newest version contains 45 new questions along with 100-plus steps for the puzzle. This latest update is offered, absolutely for free. This is the most awaited response to the demands of the Moron Test fans. This might improve as more and more people are getting hooked on the game.

Verdict (4 out of 5)

The Moron Test is not a joke. It might have some quirks like the annoying sound effects but it is truly a mental undertaking. In fact, it optimizes the mental ability of the player. In the game, getting the distinction of a genius is a product of intelligence, patience, and motivation. These virtues form the concrete measure of intellectual prowess. In the end, the entertaining factor is only a big bonus.

Take the Moron Test and prove you are not one!