Reading for Kids, 100 Ways to Encourage Your Kids to Read Review

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Reading for Kids iPhone App (2 out of 5)


Reading for Kids, 100 Ways to Encourage Your Kids to Read lists a variety of different ways, 100 in fact, that you can incorporate reading into the daily life of your child. Unfortunately most of the reasons listed in the application involve The Reading Game, another paid iPhone application. The overwhelming amount of suggestions for The Reading Game coupled with the poor interface functionality of the application forced me to not recommend the application.


Reading For Kids

The Reading for Kids interface is fairly simple and straight-forward. The application is essentially just a photo slideshow of 100 different flash card-like screens. On each screen is a picture, and an idea for a time where you could bring reading into your child’s life. You can scroll either forwards or backwards through the slideshow using a finger flick, similar to how you would navigate through a photo album on the phone.

I was a little let down that there was not a way for you to scroll quickly through the 100 cards. You have to literally start at card number one each time you launch the application and then scroll through each card to get to the end of the stack. I would have liked to the application to have some sort of functionality where you could pick up where you left off, or pick a different part of the card deck to start with. Since the application is intended to give you new ideas, it might have even been nice to have it randomly select a card for you each time you launched it rather than always making you start at the beginning.


Reading For Kids

The content of Reading for Kids, 100 Ways to Encourage Your Kids to Read is actually pretty good. If you are looking for new ways to get your children involved in reading, then this application could be a really good idea starter for that process. The application suggests things such as having children read How-To books to learn how to do something new and giving kids a book allowance so they can purchase books that they might be interested in reading.

Unfortunately, the majority of the 100 suggestions in the application are actually just suggesting that you purchase The Reading Game iPhone application for your kids. Apparently the Reading Game is an iPhone application that is designed to encourage kids to read, through offering them virtual prizes. While I can certainly understand plugging the $5.99 application, it was way overdone and distracting, almost to a point that I would never buy The Reading Game on sheer principal.


While Reading for Kids, 100 Ways to Encourage Your Kids to Read may offer you some new insight on ways to get your kids to read, the iPhone application’s poor functionality and advertisement nature will make it an application you’ll delete almost immediately.