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Magic Mover is a fun oriented, party-favor style iPhone App. Unlike many other iPhone party apps, Magic Mover actually does

iPhone: Magic Mover

something. The iPhone magic mover app turns your iPhone into a magic bulldozer than can push simple objects such as peanuts, pens and even a glass cup.

Don’t purchase the Magic Mover app expecting something amazing. This application will not pick your house up and move it, it will not magically find a cheap price on a moving company however it will do a great job at impressing your drunk friends. Magic Mover is a cool little trick with some great graphics and sound to accompany it’s functionality.

Magic Mover (3 out of 5)

Magic Mover does an interesting job at creating a party favor on your iPhone. Once Magic Mover is launched a bulldozer will appear

Magic Mover iPhone

on-screen. You can adjust the direction of the bulldozer to match the direction in which your iPhone moves when it vibrates.

Once the bulldozer is adjusted correctly, press the giant red start button. The bulldozer will start moving in the direction that the iPhone is moving in, sound effects included. The animated background moves and the bulldozer even has smoke coming out of the exhaust.

The bulldozer will continue to create the effect of pushing in the direction in which the iPhone moves due to the vibration. This pushing motion in combination with the sound effects and visuals gives the impression that the iPhone is a bulldozer, pushing the object which it comes in contact with. Naturally the iPhone only has so much strength when pushing an object with vibration and therefore it will be limited in what it can move.

Magic Mover: Moving Peanuts

The maker of Magic Mover, Qneo has developed a series of images and videos demonstrating the power of Magic Mover. According to the videos the Magic Mover application is capable of moving many items such as peanuts, magic markers and even a glass cup. Many reviews have similar reports of the Magic Mover being capable of moving crayons, cashews, cups and even a bowl.

While the Magic Mover application is quite cool, at the end of the day it is nothing more than a fun trick. Magic Mover will not do anything to enhance your iPhone nor make your iPhone experience better. Magic Mover is also not an interactive game. Magic Mover does have some reuse value since it is a cool little trick and would be something fun to amuse the children or maybe even friends and co-workers.

Magic Mover has the upper hand on most of these fun style applications in the sense that it produces a physical result. The sound effects and graphics are rather amusing and add a nice touch to Magic Mover. This is one of the better weird iPhone apps however it is still nothing more than a novelty app.

Magic Mover can be purchased from the Apple AppStore for $0.99.

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Screenshots provided courtesy of Magic Mover & Qneo.