NetShare App for iPhone Reappears on App Store

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NetShare is back !


First the news, NetShare has been quick enough to grab the iPhone community spotlight just after its release, and then to be removed from the App Store only to reappear. Now coming to the definition of what the application is about, the NetShare app for iPhone is a tethering application connecting your iPhone with your computer. In simple terms, connecting your personal computer with your iPhone’s EDGE or 3G Internet connection is what NetShare is used for. The basic function of NetShare is to set up a SOCKS5 proxy in order to provide Internet connection for your computer through the EDGE or 3G connection of your iPhone. So in a way, it incorporates your iPhone with your computer to get you to the world of the web.


NetShare is a tethering application for your iPhone developed by Nullriver. The features in NetShare enable iPhone users to use their device as a modem. The iPhone application makes wireless 3G tethering easy and simple for iPhone users. The user can get started by creating an ad-hoc Wi-Fi network on his or her computer and then assigning it a manual IP address. NetShare will then provide a SOCKS5 proxy to connect the computer to the iPhone along with an IP address assigned to the iPhone provided by the same proxy server. This lets the user launch the NetShare application quickly on their iPhone and begin surfing the web on the computer. There is a quick guide in NetShare that will help the user configure his iPhone and computer to work with the application. Be it Windows or Mac, configuration is very easy with the instructions option of NetShare. With such a user-friendly interface, the iPhone application is expected to soon grab its position in the favorite iPhone application list for iPhone users. The wait is on for a clear explanation on its usability from its developer.


With regard to the usability of NetShare, inspection has been constantly doing its rounds resulting in the unusual lifespan of the iPhone application. For instance, App Store pulled the application due to some unknown reason but technically on the ground NetShare was not working with all traffic as suggested by complaints from several wireless carriers like AT&T. However, the application is back in the App Store for sale and it now seems to be working just fine. The speed of EDGE may not be impressive enough, but then, it all depends on how much bandwidth you are using to surf the web. It is important to note here that performance may vary. The iPhone application is most useful when you are in a non-Wi-Fi zone and need to grab something from the net. In short, simple is what defines the usability of NetShare for iPhone users.


Now coming to the price check of NetShare, the iPhone application is available again in the App Store for just $9.99. However, keeping in focus the confusion already created by the iPhone app, we can at least expect that the price will get a little lower.

Conclusion (3 out of 5)

NetShare is a simple application tethering your iPhone with your computer for easy and fast Internet connection. Concerning the objections with its usability, iPhone users can expect a clarification from both Nullriver and App Store for its pull and reappearance in the available app list.