Is Appzilla Worth Buying?

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What is Appzilla?

Appzilla is an application for the iPhone. Actually, Appzilla is many applications inside an application for the iPhone. Appzilla is practically the Swiss Army Knife of iPhone applications. Inside the Appzilla 90-in-1 Utility App you can find many different applications

Appzilla Startup

such as “Battery Life”, “Fake Call”, Lyrics" and many more.

Inside of Appzilla 90-in-1 utility app you will find a little bit of everything. Apps range greatly from novelty apps to iPhone diagnostic apps, location oriented apps and even a news app. Some users may find the answer to the question “Is Appzilla worth buying?” more quickly than others.

The full review of Appzilla below should help you decide if Appzilla is worth buying for you or not. It would be impossible to review every application found in Appzilla, 90-in-1 utility app however there is a general overview and a list of the especially useful apps below.

Appzilla Review: Interface (4 out of 5)

Appzilla Main Screen

Appzilla features a rich interface that closely resembles the interface of the native iPhone home screen. The interface for Appzilla encompasses the entire screen and features five pages of applications. Users can scroll through each of the pages with the flick of a finger as with the native iPhone home screen. Clicking a particular application icon will launch that application inside of Appzilla.

Exiting an application inside of Appzilla will return you to the Appzilla main interface which lists all of the apps in random order, changing every time you go back to the main screen. The interface for Appzilla 90-in-1 utility app is very easy to use, feels natural and provides a nice way to navigate through the offerings of the app.

Appzilla Review: Usability (5 out of 5)

Appzilla App List

Appzilla is very usable in the sense that it works near flawlessly on the iPhone. Tested on both iPhone OS 3 and 4 Appzilla started quickly and was very stable. Over the course of testing the entire collection of nintey applications found in Appzilla the application did not crash a single time.

The majority of the applications worked to perfection although a few of them may not function on certain models of the iPhone due to hardware requirements such as the need for the compass found in the iPhone 3GS. The Appzilla application functions very smoothly overall and feels like a natural part of the iPhone.

Find out about the contents and whether it is worth buying on the next page.

Appzilla Review: Contents (4 out of 5)

Appzilla 90-in-1 utility app offers an outstanding and diverse lineup of applications. The majority of the applications carry out simple tasks and to fully understand the variety here is a list of a few of the applications you will find inside Appzilla: Area Code, Battery Life, Coin Flip, Cook Timer, Drum Pad, Horoscope, Lyrics and Whiteboard.

Here are three applications from Appzilla that are particularly useful:

Battery Life

Appzilla: Battery Life

This simple application found inside Appzilla provides useful information regarding the charge remaining in your iPhone battery. Battery Life provides the basic information already provided by the iPhone such as Talk Time (2G & 3G). Battery Life also provides more advanced information.

This information includes Standby Time, Internet Usage Time, Video Playback and Audio Playback all in hours. The time amounts are dynamic and they constantly update to provide a more accurate measurement. Testing the Internet usage time and the Talk Time I found the estimates provided by Battery Life to be very accurate although not perfect.

Fake Call

Appzilla: Fake Call

Fake call essentially does exactly what the name of the application says. Upon starting the application you will see several options. In the first text field you will enter the name of the person who will be calling you. You can enter a phone number or a name.

Next you will select the type of phone they will be calling you from: mobile, home, work, etc.

Finally you will either select a time for the call or have the call start instantly. The application will then create a screen effect and sound identical to a call on the iPhone. The slider works and everything as if it were an actual call, the information you entered will be displayed. The Fake call application is great alongside the Fake Text application which is also found in Appzilla.


Appzilla: WalkNType

This application may very well be one of the most useful applications inside of Appzilla 90-in-1 utility app and possibly even one of the most useful iPhone applications of all time. Safety issues aside, WalkNType will enable you to walk and type a text message or email without losing sight of what is in front of you.

This is accomplished by using the iPhone camera to display a real image behind the text. Text being written is transcribed over the image. This could also be useful when driving and texting as well, although it does pose a certain safety issue.

Conclusion: Is Appzilla Worth Buying? (4 out of 5)

The big question still remains, “Is Appzilla Worth Buying?” This question will be best answered by you based on the review found above.

We believe that Appzilla is an outstanding purchase. Appzilla has a low price point and offers great functionality and a wide range of apps. Some of the applications found inside Appzilla such as WalkNType make it worth buying all by themselves, not to mention the other eighty-nine applications that come included.

The software functions well, offers a wide varitey of functionality and is truly great value. There are very few other deals like this one in the Appstore, if any. It is also well worth noting that there are several applications found in Appzilla such as Horoscope or Level which sell independently for more than the entire cost of Appzilla which includes ninety applications.

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