Shooting In for Free: GunApp Review

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Get Your Gun

GunApp continues the new NRA fervor that happens on the iPhone. With a varied number of free iPhone applications dedicated to fake gun sounds you would think that there would be no reason to release another. Sadly enough people’s desire to turn their cell phone into a hand gun is strong enough to send many of these free iPhone applications to the top of the iTunes’ App Store downloads list. GunApp, which is just another free iPhone application that gives you the image and sound of firearms, is just another one of these. If you are into this, however, you will find that GunApp actually has more selection than most others.

iPhone Gun Sounds

GunApp gets right down to business when you open it up. You start with an automatic assault rifle and a full mag lined up at the bottom. When you hit the trigger the gun fires, mainly just making a sound. If you hit the “i” button in the lower right hand corner of the GunApp screen you will find that you actually have twenty three different weapons options. These range from single Colts to C4 explosives to a hand shooting a mock bullet. Here you can also set it to either Limited Ammo or Unlimited Ammo. There seems to be no reason to set it to Limited Ammo in GunApp unless you have created some weird game out of it and want to compete by pretending your iPhone is a 1911 .45.

GunApp 3D

GunApp is also littered with advertisements. On the main GunApp page you will find a banner advertisement that is similar to those found in many other free iPhone applications. Inside the “i” menu you will find an advertisement to GunApp 3D, which is a paid version. GunApp 3D is definitely not worth it, and I am not sure that GunApp is worth it even though it is a free iPhone application.

Not for Me; Maybe For You

Reviewing GunApp puts me in sort of a difficult situation. I do not enjoy GunApp and do not want to waste space on my iPhone for it, even though it is a free iPhone application. On the other hand, if you enjoy iPhone gun applications then this is one of the better free ones. We will rest on a moderate endorsement of it, even though it is likely not for most people. Six out of ten stars.