Free Item Give Away: Race or Die 10 Respect Points Review

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Rope ’em in with Free Respect Points

What separates the free Respect Points packages provided from free text-based iPhone RPGs from The Godfather from competitors like Storm8 or PlayMesh is that they usually always provide more than just free Respect Points. This is obviously done in an effort to get people to play multiple free text-based iPhone RPGs from The Godfather, and it usually works. On the flip side, often times you get only a few free Respect Points along with the free items. This is the exact model for Race or Die 10 Respect Points.

The Race or Die Details

Race or Die 10 Respect Points has been advertised in not only Race or Die, but also iMob Online, Jet Fighters, Girl Wars Online and the rest. The main advertised point is that you end up with ten free Respect Points for Race or Die. These free Respect Points are in and of themselves enough to warrant the download and installation. On their own, however, they may not be able to entice you to clear space or go out of your way. This is why there is another added dimension to go beyond the simple allure of ten free Respect Points.

Along with the ten free Respect Points in Race or Die you will get ten free Lightenings in Jet Fighters, ten free Baby Blue Dresses in Girl Wars Online, ten free Animalites in iVampires Online, ten free Flails in iDragons Online(Also called iKnights Online) and ten free Freight Trains in iMob Online. On top of the free items in the other games from The Godfather you will get ten free Dual Exhausts in your Race or Die account. These Dual Exhausts will also be important and powerful items for your account, as will the ten free Lightenings in Jet Fighters.

Beyond the free Respect Points and all the free items there is not much you can expect in the way of Race or Die updates. At this point it has not been around long enough to expect a major Race or Die update, but expect that at some point they will have to release a complete Race or Die update to keep people happy.

For All Race or Die Players

Race or Die 10 Respect Points is a solid free Respect Points package, mainly because of the free items. This is a great alternative to actually purchasing Race or Die Respect Points, which is reserved really to the wealthy who enjoy cheating at iPhone games.