Tiffen Photo fx is an Excellent iPhone App for Photographers at Any Level

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Tiffen, a leading manufacturer of camera lens filters and photographic software, has created one of the best iPhone applications for editing and enhancing photographs taken on the iPhone. Being an avid photographer, I am constantly using my iPhone to capture scenes that catch my eye. Having Photo fx on my iPhone allows me to edit and share the images I capture instantly from anywhere.

Interface and Ease of Use (5 out of 5)

Upon launching Photo fx, you are greeted by a clean and simple initial screen with four icons (shown below). These icons allow you to choose a picture from the iPhone’s Camera Roll to edit, take a photo to edit, adjust the options for Photo fx, or view the help guide.

After choosing or taking a picture, Photo fx opens and reveals a collection of 32 filters broken into six different groups. According to the Photo fx website, there are 327 presets built around the 32 filters to get you started. The filter groups include Face fx, Outer fx, Fun fx (shown below), Wild fx, Classic fx (shown below) and Lens fx. There are also two additional filter groups available for purchase from within the app called Portrait fx and Color fx.

To use Photo fx, simply pick a filter and corresponding filter preset to apply the changes (shown below). All the presets allow for adjustments to get the exact look you want. You can then pick additional filters to apply or save the image. Once saved, the image appears in the iPhone’s Camera Roll to view and share.

Overall, I found the interface to be simple yet elegant and it makes editing photos quick and easy.

Usefulness and Value (5 out of 5)

We all know the iPhone camera is not perfect, but it is often the only camera available. Having an app like Photo fx on the iPhone truly opens up the possibilities for exploring your creative vision. From taking snap shots to share or capturing images to upload to a blog or mobile gallery, everyone will find this app useful for making their iPhone pics just a bit better.

Photo fx is available at the iTunes App Store for $2.99 and the additional filters groups are $0.99 each. The number of filters and presets included for this price makes Photo fx an excellent value.

Photo fx Interface by Tiffen

Initial Screen

Fun fx Filters

Classic fx Filters

Options for Saving