Connect the Dots: Link4 Online Review

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Taking It Online

PlayMesh’s new effort to branch out from selling PlayMesh Points for their text-based iPhone RPGs has brought a new era in their development. First their was their port of Roshambo Online, then the slightly less successful Tic Tac Toe Online. Both titles were well designed online avenues for playing these classic interpersonal games, complete with open communication, profiles with statistics, and nice animations. The most recent release from PlayMesh’s non-RPG department is Link4 Online, which for many people growing up was called connect four. The format of the software hasn’t changed from its good formula, but like with the rest you just have to decide if you enjoy playing Link4 Online.

Unveiling Link4 Online from PlayMesh

Link4 Online involves you dropping checkers vertically so that they stack into rows and columns on their sides. The goal is to get four in a row and to stop your opponent from doing the same thing. This can be harder than it sounds, especially when compared with mind numbing fare like Tic Tac Toe. Link4 Online ends up being a lot more involved for each match than both Roshambo Online and Tic Tac Toe Online, but that may be alright.

Link4 Design

The design of Link4 Online is the same as with the others. You start out with a lobby where Link4 Online players talk to each other in a chat room format. At the top of the lobby will be a button that says Play Link4 Online. When you press the button it will find another player and set up the game, which you can then begin. You also can look at your profile that has your experience in levels, statistics for how well you have done, and the ability to set an avatar. The Link4 Online settings are relatively complete as you can turn off any aesthetic excess, but all of these things really add color to Link4 Online.

Free Vs. Premium

There are two versions of Link4: Link4 Online and Link4 Online Premium. There is really no practical reason to pay the $1.99 for Link4 Online except that you are free of advertisements and you have a new chat feature. Either way you should try to check out Link4 Online free first to check it out. This is an interesting departure for PlayMesh, especially since the only way they have traditionally made money was from selling PlayMesh Points.

Free PlayMesh Points

There is an added bonus for players of PlayMesh’s text-based iPhone RPGs in the form of free PlayMesh Points. If you install Link4 Online you will get twenty free PlayMesh Points for each of your PlayMesh text-based iPhone RPGs. Downloading the free version is worth it just for these free PlayMesh Points, especially since you will get multiple catalogues of free PlayMesh Points.

It Is Worth It

Link4 Online is a fun game that has a clean and nice feel to it. If you do not like playing connect four then you may want to avoid it, but it boils down to a title that takes advantage of quick online gaming. Seven and a half out of ten stars.