Race or Die Review: Fun and Free MMO RPG Game for the iPhone and iPod

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Race or Die Sets a New Standard

The Godfather has finally decided to begin diversifying their free MMO text-based iPhone RPG portfolio. To catch up with the racing theme they have released Race or Die, which takes an incredibly updated version of their common engine and paints it with racing stripes. For those that came to age on iMob Online and enjoy that dynamic you are going to find that Race or Die is familiar enough to jump in to, but also brings new surprises and design quirks that make this work better than the rest of The Godfather’s arsenal.

The Godfather’s Racing Theme

Just opening up Race or Die on your iPhone will be a bit surprising. The Home screen is redesigned with a two-column system that glows with the midnight glare of a car dashboard. The real estate system, just called Estates in Race or Die, is much more like the Girl Wars Online and Jet Fighters single property system. This means that you buy singular properties instead of lots you build on later.

The great new addition to the Race or Die Estates system is that you have different locations from which you can buy properties. Right off the bat, you will have Tampa, Tokyo, Amsterdam, and Rio as options, though not all of them will have properties at early levels. These different areas also hold different Jobs that you can perform as a way of upping your experience points and statistics in Race or Die. This is really not more complicated than before, but just a way of cataloguing more gameplay options.

You can also look in different areas like Cars, Performance Parts, and Illegal Mods in the Pro Shop, which is where you buy items and “weapons” in Race or Die.

Common Race or Die Functions

Many of the functions are still there, as you would expect. The bank is called the ATM, and the hospital is the Garage. Al these theme changes are just to keep in line with the conventional racing theme at the heart of Race or Die. Stats, which is at the bottom of the right hand Race or Die Home column, is where you go to look at your profile and see what you have and have done.

Race or Die Respect Points

Race or Die Respect Points also play a major role, as they do in all titles from The Godfather. You can buy Race or Die Respect Points just the same way as you did in iMob Online, and you can expect to get free Respect Points through updates and by playing other games from The Godfather. You even start out with five free Respect Points, but you are going to need more than that to do anything significant.

Race or Die Friend Codes

The Race or Die Friend Code system is also going to be familiar to other iMob Online fans, though it works even smoother than you may have remembered. Beyond the Race or Die Friend Code system, you are going to have a much-improved Location friend finder that allows for even more daily invites. The combination of Race or Die Friend Codes and Location should help get your crew together right from the start. My Race or Die Friend Code is 118 081 495, so add me and post your Race or Die Friend Code below.

Race or Die on Facebook

You are now able to connect your Race or Die account to your Facebook account, which is a first for a game from The Godfather. Though it is nice to have the Race or Die Facebook option, this may not be something you want to put on. Oftentimes, having Race or Die synced to your Facebook will end up cluttering your Facebook news feeds beyond recognition. Whether or not you really want this on your Facebook ends up being a matter of personal preference.

A Must-Have for MMO RPG Fans

Race or Die stands out as the best we could expect from The Godfather right now and I hope this is a clear model for all their games to come. Hopefully, they give a similar overhaul to all the rest of their titles. They are sure in need of an update. Nine out of ten stars.

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