More Free Respect Points: iMob 38 Respect Review

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Getting Respect, for Free

Its not so much that we will ever choose not to download the iMob Online updates and free Respect Points packages that The Godfather seems to offer, but we can still be disappointed. It is true that when these iMob Online updates bring nothing new to the table and do not give us a reasonable amount of free Respect Points it is somewhat annoying. These updates and free Respect Points packages are The Godfather’s method of maintaining our interest in iMob Online, and with all the competing applications this is actually something that needs to be done. iMob 38 Respect actually does provide something new and is necessary, and that is more than just because of the free Respect Points.

Updating Free Respect Points

iMob 38 Respect is named as such because it does give thirty-eight free Respect Points, obviously. This amount of free Respect Points is enough to warrant our download so that we can remain competitive against the other iMob Online players that will install it. On top of that are actually a number of improvements that make this a real iMob Online update. The graphics inside iMob Online are tweaked and added to, though not quite as much as The Godfather has bragged.

The friend code and redemption code systems are improved and made easier to work with. The iMob Online friend code system has always been one of the best out there, and this friend code improvement is nice though not entirely necessary. Overall, the friend system has nice improvements, especially if you have not downloaded many of the more recent iMob Online upgrades.

The biggest thing here is that there are both more things from the Don and that there are new elements that will pop up all the way until level 1000. For those who were getting worried that they have seen and done everything this gives hope, and now it is practical that The Godfather will follow all players and continually add items at higher levels as the players champion through them. Overall, this is a nice and reasonable iMob Online update and free Respect Points package that every player should download. Remember, its free. Eight out of ten stars.

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